Usually by this point in the year, we’d be past the halfway point of the season, champions in each class would be predictable, and we’d probably be ready to hang up our gear and get back to just drinking beer on the weekends. But thats not the case at all this year, as we’re about to line up for just the second time in 2020. In years past, you could afford to miss a few races and still be looking good in points. But.. This year is weird, and the chance of any of the remaining rounds being canceled is likely. There really is no time to waste if you’re in it for a championship, one more race being canceled could be the difference.

Anyways, we’re looking forward to a weekend of great racing. Weather looks to be cool, with temps in the high 90’s, We sold a few media packages ( only 5 spots left ), and its just great to be back. We expect to see a few more entries for round 2, as Loretta’s is done and gone, and the track isn’t a exaggerated ten hour drive for everyone.

Let’s dig into a few classes and see what they have brewing for round two.

50cc 4-8

The top ten in this class were rippin’ , so we’re gonna be sure to keep our eyes on the 4-8 class again this round, as they provided some awesome battles in Alamosa (which can be read about here)

Who to watch:

After a rough first Moto resulting in a DNF, #729 Nash Duncan was able to pull of an impressive 4th in the second Moto. He’s got the speed to get a top 5 at Imi.

65cc 7-9

We witnessed some awesome racing last round in the 65cc 7-9 class. Little Fitch going one-one for the overall followed by Brayden Hernandez, and Elijah Gordy. Fitch comes into this weekend with the most momentum, but there’s a good chance we’ll see a new winner in this class, as Magoo may be at the Ranch watching his dad race. Who knows!

Who to watch:

Keep an eye on #116, Riley Ward. Top three in the first Moto, he obviously can run with the boys.


We’re just going to jump to who to watch In the 85cc division. Keep your eyes on the pair of Ryan’s that were absolutely shredding in Alamosa in the Sr. Mini 85cc 12-15 class and open mini class. Hadley has the most momentum going into round two, however Boutilier always puts up a good fight. Highlight race 11a and 19b on your race schedule, this battle will be fun to watch.

The C class / College boy / Any class Koree Green signs up for

With 3 overalls, five Moto Wins at round 1, add a solid run at Loretta Lynns, Koree Green is the man to beat this weekend in both C classes, that is all. Let’s see who can challenge him.

Who to watch:

#33 Koree green


Will we see Bobby dominate again this weekend, probably not. Unless he drives 17 hrs from Loretta’s. Just not sure the logistics will work out, but you never know with him. There should be more pros lining up this weekend, so that’s good.. hopefully the turn out in the pro class will be much better than what we saw at the season opener.

We’re not sure if all these guys will actually be lining up this weekend, it sure is fun to speculate though. We are sure it’s going to be one hell of a weekend back. We’ll see you Sunday

Cheers 🍻