RMRA 2020: Round 1, VMX

The smell of race gas and the sound of pee-wee parents cheering at their kids as they frantically follow them around the entire track on foot can only mean one thing. Yep, that’s right: The 2020 RMRA racing season has officially begun. This year, it kicked off in Mosca, CO at VMX.

So, we did what everyone else did and made the long journey south near the home of the tallest sand dunes in North America to see it all go down. While this first round of the Colorado motocross series didn’t quite have the same season opener vibe as we’re used to in the springtime, we’re just glad to be back at the track at all!


The local A classes are usually where some of the most exciting action on the track takes place all weekend. This time, though, their turnout was well below average. Thankfully, the top riders still came to throw down. Robert Fitch walked away with every moto win, but the battle that ensued behind him each time had our full attention. Chris Flesia and his younger counterpart, Rylan Munson, put on quite the show as they rode their own tight race each moto!

We didn’t have a photo of Bobby Fitch ready, but here’s a shot of little Fitch, who was rippin’

125cc B/C 12+

There was always a battle to watch when these two-stroke talents took to the track. In moto one, Karl Brown got off to an early lead and Jack Clark and Miles Bone banged bars briefly before Caden Gordy swooped in to secure second and Bones grabbed third.

Moto two stayed just as close, with Brown in a comfortable first position yet again, but Bone and Gordy swapping back and forth until Bone was finally able to make a pass stick during the white flag lap.

50cc 4-8

With almost twenty riders on the gate, this was one of the largest classes of the weekend. Easton Romero began moto one out front and behind him was a thrillingly close race between 2nd all the way through 6th. By mid race, some major switch ups occurred with Chance Ulberg leading the pack and Romero way back in fourth. In the end, Ulberg held onto the win, Wyatt Edman snagged second, and Romero worked up to third.

Ulberg came out of the gate with a holeshot for moto two and Edman, Romero, and Nash Duncan all trailed close behind. Before we knew it, Ulberg completely checked out and the battles behind him mixed up until the riders finally settled into their comfortable positions. At the finish, it was Ulberg to cross first, Cole Massa to come after, and Edman to follow.

College Boy B/C 18-24

This was by far the most exciting class for us to watch all day long, so we’ll get right into it. In the first moto, Devin McGinley snagged the holeshot and left Dylan Flatley and Brandon Burton to rub elbows for the second spot. As the leader ran from the rest of the pack, riders in second through fifth place battled hard. Even by lap two, the riders remained all a bike’s length apart. Things got spicy when an incident shuffled the group and suddenly Koree Green joined the mix. The main battle quickly became between Green and Burton, until Burton mistook the white flag for the checkered and accidentally pulled off only to realize when it was too late. It was McGinley with a fender-slappin’ win, the comeback kid, Green, with an impressive second, and Burton with a hard-fought third.

Moto two saw Flatley with a redemptive holeshot after a disappointing first moto and another tight race within the top few who followed. By the end of lap one, it was McGinley in the top spot again and Burton behind him, meanwhile Green made gains on them both. Within no time, Green was able to fight his way to second and eventually even make the pass for the lead. McGinley wasn’t going to give up the win that easily, though, and he kept the pressure on Green until they both checked out from the rest of the field and the checkered flag flew.

What was your favorite moment of the weekend? Let us know in the comments and we’ll see everyone at the next round of the 2020 RMRA series.