Tayler Allred? More like Tayler All-star

In a couple of months, you’ll see one of the raddest young girls on two wheels line up as one of the industry’s finest supermini riders to race, yet again, at the 2018 Monster Energy Cup in Las Vegas. If you don’t know her name or her story by then, you might get to feeling a little left out, because this girl’s got it and you’ll want to know it. She’s two time┬áRocky Mountain ATV/MC Amateur National Motocross Champion, TaylerRead more

Once in a Lifetime | Loretta Lynn’s

Consider, just for a second, an event that was so prestigious, so sought after that families are willing to travel several thousand miles, sacrifice thousands of hours and pour thousands (in some cases, tens of thousands) of dollars in to get there. In some ways, it seems implausible to imagine any one event being as coveted as to demand that much dedication. However, Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National, which is held every year in beautiful Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, isn’t just anyRead more