Showdown at The Sweney’s

50455Round 2 of the Rocky Mountain Showdown is sure to be one for the mother friggin’ ages. When you¬†consider the almost ludicrous turnout that was seen last year for a regular RMXA event at Brush around this same time in the season, you can only imagine that the battles this year will be of the epicly epic variety.¬†Sweney Cycle Park is one of those tracks that tends to bring in riders in droves. As we wrote way back in 2016, SCP is of the highest tier when it comes to conditions and operations. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the track is graced with some of the better dirt in the region, but the Sweney’s really are professionals when it comes to running a track. Gates drop when they’re supposed to, the pits are well-maintained and the track, oh boy, the track is easily one of the gnarliest, most fun in the country. Breaking bumps up to your knees, so many lines that your girlfriend would be like, ‘I DON’T KNOW WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE’ and a killer layout. It’s no question why the gates are usually packed and the pits are just the same.

50456However, this weekend provides an even greater potential for massive entries and the battles that almost always ensue. As we have lauded both RMXA and SRAC for their alliance, this weekend will signify the 2nd Round in the 6 Round Rocky Mountain Showdown series that will combine entries from both organizations. From a media standpoint, we really can’t wait to see the action that is bound to transpire. Especially because less than stellar conditions at the 1st Round slightly hampered what was sure to be a dopppppe kickoff. Anyway, between the Sweney’s killer reputation for delivering a great product (plus, their addition of a few new sections) and the anticipation that has built for the 2nd Round of the Rocky Mountain Showdown, all of Colorado is chomping at the bits for this Memorial Day madness.

From all of us here at Elevated, let’s make it one helluva weekend. This is what moto is all about.