Brush; Colorado Motocross at Its Finest

Just about 90 miles east of Denver, in an area so rural and desolate, you could easily confuse it for Nebraska, lies a staple within the Colorado motocross scene: Sweney Cycle Park.


The track was opened by the Sweney Family back in 1998, referred to by many in the community simply as “Brush”, after the town where it’s located. Its location is a paradox in some ways; this small town, with very little entertainment to offer otherwise, is the home of one of the best tracks in the region, let alone state. We’ve been to tracks for quote “practice days” all over this region, from Texas to California to Arizona, and it’s difficult for us to say there is much better than Sweney Cycle Park. The track features a unique combination of premium dirt (a scarcity in Colorado), great layout, fun jumps and, most importantly, a solid crew to maintain it. There has never been a day when we’ve gone out and the track hasn’t been mint throughout the day. Brush manages to avoid the flaw of so many other tracks in the area, it is always rough and consistently rutted. Twenty minutes into the first practice and the track is already broken in with multiple lines in each corner and breaking bumps for miles. Maybe that’s why so many pros and amateurs alike yearn for the days their Facebook timeline is graced with a post from Sweney Cycle Park stating, “Ride Day this Sunday!” This past Sunday was the first ride day held by the Sweney’s of the new year and it was everything we’ve come to expect from them: premium conditions and stellar operations. All of the fast guys turned out and it was one helluva precursor to the upcoming 2016 season. Everyone from Connor and Joey Olson (no relation) to the geezers like Brad Motherway and Davey Gonzalez (sorry fellas, we had to) turned out and the weather could not have been more prime. Here’s a gallery of the boys and girls out there giving the plains of Eastern Colorado the business: