Round two is dusted and over with and we have our eyes set on round three of the RMRA Series this weekend in Pueblo, Colorado. This round will mark the third race of the year and also the halfway point of the short, five-round season. We’ve never journeyed down to the Pueblo facility and we’d be lying if we told ya we aren’t ecstatic to go check it out.

We’re hoping for some old school vibes this weekend as Honor Farm MX Park is a revamped version of an ancient giant. Since its inception in the early 1970s, many SRAC races and even state championships have been held at the iconic location—until the year 2010 when the then promoters decided to halt operations. The motocross track sat abandoned until our friend, Jeff Greenwood, with Southern Colorado Motocross Promotions decided to pursue a revival. The revival was successfully achieved in 2018 when the track hosted its first race after an eight-year hiatus. Fast forward to this weekend and he’ll be hosting the third race since the Corona comeback… and let’s just say it’s shaping up to be an awesome weekend of Colorado motocross. The 80 degree weather will be perfect, Double D’s BBQ will be cookin’ all the meats, pit bike races will go down on Saturday, and did we mention, we are racing dirbikes on Sunday? Yeah, it is going to be dope.

The legend, Jeff Greenwood, has put in a ton of time to make this place race ready, and we’re ready to load the gates and get the party started. BUT, before y’all jump in your rigs and head south, let us dig into a few things the series has brewing.

Bad News / Good News

The bad news is, the above schedule looks pretty depressing, with only five rounds and no super-cross its hard not to tear up. The good news is we may have hit the point in the year where races are more set in stone. Sure there are only three rounds left, but it’s looks like Sweney Cycle Park is an absolute GO, and if we can race in Pueblo, we should be able to race Aztec to wrap up this short Championship. That’s not it though, over the break there was talk on electronic scoring next year. If that’s the case, that may be the best news of 2020, unless Thunder Valley reschedules and we get six races instead of five. Oh yeah, and free Gatorade again this round, too.

Click to sign up for photos from Round 3
Click to sign up for photos from Round 3

Points Battles

Series points are pretty tight in a lot of classes. So we stalked the results pages and found a few points battles we’re watching like hawks. Take a look for yourself!

Supermini 12-16

  1. Grayson Hirstius 50 points
  2. Caden Gordy 48 points
  3. Reid Gienty-Schults 47 Points

Vet 30+ C

  1. Tyler Silbaugh 67 Points
  2. Jason Alderson 66 Points
  3. Cameron Wolf 61 Points

Class 2 – 50cc 7-8 Limited

  1. Chance Ulberg 87 Points
  2. Wyatt Edman 74 Points
  3. Ezekiel Kibler 74 Points
  4. Logan Quinn 74 Points
  5. Nash Duncan 70 Points

Class to Watch this Weekend

You’d be a fool not to watch the boys battle this weekend, and when we say boys we mean Schoolboy 1 & 2. We’ve been covering most of these dudes since we first launched this website. With names like Jeremiah Willoughby, Brody Propernick, Kaleb Hale, Jack Jamison, and Raice Hernandez lining up, we are certain there will be some awesome battles to be had. Highlight races 18 and 23 on your schedules and show up to cheer these guys on during their epic battles.

That’s all we got, folks. We’ll see you this weekend. Follow along on Instagram @Elevatedmx for media throughout the weekend, and check back in next week for Galleries, weekend recaps, and possibly more.

Cheers ,

The Elevated Crew.