The Art of the Pit Board

Mechanics have a long list of responsibilities that play a vital role in the success of their riders. From wrenching alone in the shop all hours of the night, to showing up for test days ready to dial in every detail, packing the perfect gate like it’s nobody’s business, and being trackside with essentials when s*** hits the fan mid-moto, riders wouldn’t have the success they do without these important individuals standing behind them. Though not as crucial as making sure the bike stays in one piece, our favorite mechanic’s task by far is still flying the pit board.

Ah, what an underestimated tool in every mechanic’s arsenal. Pit boards. Sure, they’re kind of helpful. Let your rider know their position. Update them with their lap time. Fill them in on how much longer they have to go. But that’s not why we really love them. What’s the reason then, you ask? Maybe it’s because the special type of people we call mechanics are able to take an Expo pen and dry-erase trapezoid with handles and turn it into something downright entertaining, hilarious, useful, sentimental, motivating, or all of the above at the same time. Better yet, they wave them around for all to see once they’ve scribbled whatever’s important enough they must communicate to their rider right then in the middle of the race. It’s a true art form, really. Enjoy these mechanic’s area captures of our most essential personnel doing their thang.

…and when you don’t have a pit board handy, get creative.

Which of these fun shots were your favorite? What’s the best thing you’ve ever written or seen on a pit board? Spill the beans in the comments section!