These days, on any race weekend there are plenty of talented of riders rolling through the pits, which sometimes makes our job a little tricky when it comes to recognizing riders for their efforts. We could rant on and on and on about the winners every weekend, and we sure are guilty of writing about the same few riders every now and then. Winners deserve the spotlight for their efforts, but we also would like to put the spotlight on five riders who gave it everything they got over the weekend. Here we go,

Jacob Johnson

We were impressed by Jacob Johnson over the weekend in Alamosa. Not only does he have a slick riding style, he was ripping’ in the three classes he signed up for Sunday. His best finish was 3rd overall in the Supermini 12-16 class. Keep up the good work dude, we’ll be looking for you 4 weeks from now at Imi.

Ayden Calvillo

Representing the Fast Boyz gear, Ayden Calvillo was one the fast boys in 50cc 4-8 open class. Finishing tenth in the first Moto, Ayden was able to improve to a sixth place finish in the second Moto for a 6th overall for the day in the 4-8 open class. We don’t gamble often, but we’d be willing to bet we’ll see Ayden on the top step of the podium in the near future.

Carter Cochran

Despite a rough go in the second open 85cc 9-12 Moto, Carter was able to pull off a Consistent 5-5 In the Jr. Mini class out of 17 riders, we’re not 100 % on this stat, but it looks like this was Carter’s first time racing in the Big kid class. Either way he was hauling’ and deserves credit for a 5th overall. Keep it up Carter!

Cassie Lard

We wish we had a better photo of Cassie, but we all know the writer of this article likes to slack most race days. Cassie was able to pull 5-5 in the Woman’s novice class. Fresh off of an injury, even sporting a boot in the pits, it was impressive to see Cassie line up to race the first round. We have a few weeks off before the next race, she should be even stronger by next gate drop.

Brian Sharp

We’re not quite sure the age of this guy, but he makes us young folk look weak. Brian signed up for 4 classes, raced all 8 moto’s and is an overall badass for this reason. Results do not matter if you race the super senior class, but he did get a top 5 in the 25+ Pro class. If you know Brian, please let him know he is a legend in our book, and share this article with him too, as we’re not sure he’s up to the times on social media.

Bob Hoover

Not sure the name of this Stuntman, but he was flying exceptionally well all weekend.. Good job Bob and all the riders at round 1.