Checkered Flags Fly on the RMRA Showdown Series: Pawnee Cycle Club 2019

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Early this spring, the first gate dropped to kick off Colorado’s 2019 Showdown Series, one of three series that the RMRA presented in their debut season this year. Since then, the Colorado motocross community has enjoyed six legendary weekends of two-wheel battles at some of the state’s most favored tracks, such as Sweney Cycle Park in May and finally Pawnee Cycle Club this past weekend for the series finale. The weekend comprised plenty of holiday festivities (Happy Labor Day, everybody), some of the hottest weather we’ve raced in all year (thanks, late Colorado summer), and, of course, top-notch racing on a truly pristine track (cheers to Pascal & crew for keeping the facility in immaculate condition all day long)!


The pro classes that took to the track for this final round showed some serious speed, but not a whole lot of close competition. A few of the usual front-runners weren’t in attendance, but it was great to see Derek Anderson out there throwing down for a second consecutive RMRA weekend. Every time his tires hit the dirt, he ran with the entire race, going undefeated for the whole day—talk about consistency!

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Another rider who made his mark was Bronson McClure, arguably the most impressive not-so-pro in the Open Pro/Non-Pro class. He, a B-rider, lined up alongside some of the winningest A-riders in the state to give them a taste of what to expect in the coming years, earning himself a respectable fourth overall in the class.

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Supermini 12-16:

Year after year, the incredible track in Sterling, CO draws the state’s top supermini riders to the gate. Nearly all of the front-runners of the class showed up to race at Loretta’s last month, if that gives you an idea of the type of line-up we’re talkin’ about here—truly the most promising young riders that Colorado has to offer. In moto one, Jaxon Pascal out of Hudson, CO, got off to a great start, leading the pack. It didn’t last long, however, as Logan Lessar would steal it away early on in the race. Pascal, not one to give-up easily, kept the pressure on until he got the chance to reclaim the lead during lap two. Lessar stayed on pace, but a fall would force him to move back a position and make room for Brody Propernick to snag second.

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In moto two, the early leaders of the race were Lessar, Carter Malcolm, and Propernick. Malcolm only held on up front briefly, as Propernick and Pascal were quick to get after it. By the end of the moto, Pascal and Propernick had switched positions, leaving the moto two results to read Lessar, Pascal, then Propernick. Overall, Pascal secured the W, Lessar followed in second, and Propernick wrapped up third.

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65cc Open 7-11:

The young rippers in the 65cc Open 7-11 class brought some impressive racing to Pawnee, as well. Jett Kellogg, like his Supermini superiors, put on quite the performance at Loretta’s this year, and rightfully started moto one out front leading the pack. Collin Clark and Cash Jaye followed behind in a heated battle for second. Before we could blink, Kellogg opened a comfortable gap on second, and Colby Lessar and Ryan Hadley replaced Clark and Jaye for the second and third spots.

Moto two would play out similarly in that Kellogg got off to an early lead and ran with it. He checked out so far that those watching were sure the #10 would come away with yet another easy win, but an unfortunate fall would leave just enough time for Lessar to sneak by and take the overall in the class! Kellogg would earn second overall and Hadley would slip into third.

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50cc 4-8 Open:

Who would have thought that a 50cc class would produce some of the most eventful racing of the weekend? In moto one, we saw the #211 of Steven Street, get off to an awesome start, with the #321 of Ollie Gentry and #134 of Deegan Miller in hot pursuit. Street created some breathing room between himself and the pack early on in the race; meanwhile, the following top-five competitors battled the closest race that we saw anyone put on all day! Rounding out that early top five was young female rider, Hannah Jamison, who brought her calculated skill and fearless speed to stun her male counterparts, and, by the end of the moto, move into third. Miller would land second and Street would maintain first.

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In moto two, #211 would head into the first corner out front once again and Wyatt Kemble and Miller followed. Street’s performance paralleled that of moto one, as he went on to ride his own race like the last. The top-five battles and position changes that would take place behind him also looked similar to the first time the little bikes took to the track. Kemble, Miller, Cabe Tangler, Gentry, and Jamison all put on impressive rides, but in the end it would be #58 of Jamison to cross the finish in third behind Miller and Street.

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What a way to close the RMRA Showdown Series of 2019! It feels like just yesterday we were getting ready for that first gate to drop and looking forward to the series making a trip out to Pawnee Cycle Club at the end of the season! But, I suppose they’re right… time really does fly when you’re having fun (and what’s more fun than spending time at the track, riding dirt bikes, and battling it out with your best buds?). Thanks again to those who worked so hard to put on such a smooth race, complete with battles of a lifetime and a track worth throwing down on! Pawnee Cycle Club sure sets a positive example of what Colorado motocross has potential to be with just some effort, teamwork, and passion!

Wishing everyone a safe rest of this glorious holiday weekend! Til next time, here comes the checkered flag on this one!

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Photos by Erin Malcolm.