Steel rolling

When it comes to motorcycles, so much has changed. But have they really? The feeling we get when we ride them; from the vibrations in our fingers and toes to the rewarding feeling at the end of the day, motorcycles really haven’t changed. I was inspired to create Steel Rolling after seeing black and white photos of Bart Kellogg racing in the 70’s. From my first glance at the photos I could feel it. This was motocross; real and raw. No helmet from the 70’s hid a grin with a face covered in dirt and sand in their teeth. These were the men who pioneered our sport; men who never lost sight of the simply joy of riding a motorcycle. At the end of the day, that feeling will never fade. Motorcycles, no matter how old, are Steel Rolling.

Directed/Filmed/Edited by Jared Hardy
Voice of Sean Moth
Scripted by Jared Hardy

Special Thanks to Chad Faulkner, Pat and Dave Leahy, Josh Kellogg, Bart Kellogg, Jett Kellogg, Matt Sweney, Mikey Sweney, Brennen Wotassek, Sean Moth, Nancy Hardy, Jay Hardy.

Music: Noises by David James Terry (Licensed from

Growing Pains by LAYUP (Licensed from Musicbed)

Steel Rolling from HRDYCO on Vimeo.