A New Era: RMRA’s 2019 Debut (Round 1)

I found myself scrolling through the archives here at Elevated today and came across a
very special article from April of 2017 that recounts the very first time Colorado’s
motocross clubs, the SRAC and RMXA, joined forces to create the ever so epic
Showdown Series. The article talked of a next-level local race experience with
through-the-roof attendance and even better competition on the track. Fast forward just
two years, and here we are. A permanent version of that race potential is upon us. No
more SRAC. No more RMXA. Just one powerful combination of the two, the RMRA.
Now Colorado’s riders can indulge in not just a few rounds, but a full season, of packed
gates and brutal battles.

The season opener for this new club was intended to be held up north at IMI, but after
the blizzard of the century hit the state just a few days prior, they were forced to start the 2019
season the following March 23rd weekend at none other than Thunder Valley — and man was
it one to remember. Rider count was already bound to be high given the new club
aspect and the “it’s been a long winter and we want to ride” aspect. Now tack on the fact
that this race was also an Area Qualifier for Loretta Lynn’s, and you can imagine the
turn out. Over 800 riders. That’s right. Two days worth of bar-bangin’ motos with that
much talent? Let’s go.


The pro classes this weekend were filled to the brim with guys ready to put it all out
there. Some veterans of the class, others just making their debut this season, but all top tier riders
looking to make their mark. At the end of the day, the one who ended up making the
most prominent one was the untouchable Joey Olson, who swept every pro moto he

125 B/C:

The 2-stroke rippers here are no joke. Many would argue that the 125 battles
were the best of the entire weekend — especially the ones for the top spot. Jagger Koch
and James Momberg went at it in their motos for some pretty edge-of-your-seat racing. In the end,
Koch’s aggressive style earned him the top step.


The turn out in the ladies class this weekend was great by Colorado’s standards.
Samantha Peters was your overall winner who checked out every time her tires touched
the dirt.


The talent in the Mini Sr and Supermini classes is unparalleled this year. There are so
many riders with so much potential that it makes for some great racing! The young
rippers to watch this weekend were JJ Willoughby, who battled his way to some
impressive moto wins, Raice Hernandez, who put up several hard fights but ended up
having a gnarly mid-moto get-off over the finish one moto, & Propernick and Forte who both had the speed to throw down all

After witnessing racing of that caliber all weekend long at this first round of
the RMRA motocross series, we’re thrilled to see what the remainder of the season has
in store! We look forward to seeing you all at Aztec Family Raceway this weekend,
March 31st, and at the rest of the rounds this year! Here comes the checkered flag on this one… until next time.