Bonded | A Malcolm Family Story

Thousands of miles on the road, countless nights in hotels, sleepless nights in the garage and all the weekends spent in the dirt. These are the true earmarks of a motocross family. The bond forged among brothers & sisters, moms & dads while pursuing the passion of moto is hardened, real & tough to break.

As we’ve alluded to, just like many have before us, to chase the dream of motocross requires a dedication, a sacrifice and a team effort like few other pursuits. Take one look at the Malcolm family and you’ll see that there is nothing left on the table when it comes to their program. Whether it be Danny driving thousands of miles home from Texas to check up on the family business only to turn around and drive right back, or Peggy sacrificing her blood, sweat and tears to make sure Carter & Adi’s regiment is top-notch. Even though the pay is lackluster, the job of a motocross family is a full-time gig and doesn’t leave much room for rest.

But if you ask any one of them if they would trade it, we know they’ll rebuttle with a big “heck no”.

Doesn’t hurt any that Carter gave Danger Boy all he could handle at Mini O’s, or that Adi is one of the most promising young female racers in the country (in addition to being a freakish pop & lock dancer). Even if you were to throw all the potential and success aside, it would be tough to argue that they’d want to be doing anything else on the weekends.

Because as unique as this sport is, the bond created over it is entirely uncommon.