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Dirtbikes & Music | Ponca City Mx

The Purest Shred // Cheffed Up in the Labs of Elevated Mx

A few years back, Moto Playground set out a course to, in their words, Make Ponca Great Again. Fast forward to 2017, and it’s tough to argue that they’ve done anything but make Ponca City dope again.┬áThis past weekend, some of the fastest dudes and ladies in the country traversed their way to the famed Oklahoma-based course in pursuit of glory, and some plastic.

Catch some reel on the shreddage that ensued at Ponca City Mx.

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  1. hey friend

    I myself knows what it is like, i work on a dirt bike track in Perris CA as a flagger. working on a track really gives me an adrenaline rush because when they fall if i am not there it can be a lot worse. people from texas and other places travel out here all the time.


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