Fall is Coming | Aztec Raceway

Before we provide any commentary on SRAC’s championship race, we’d first like to extend a bit of an apology for the lack of coverage last week for the finale to the Rocky Mountain Showdown series. Our thought process was pretty much this, mud race, probably wasn’t much fun and people don’t want to get reminded about how they roasted the begeezers out of their clutches. Anyway, we promise to deliver like UPS pretending to be Santa Clause on Christmas for the final championship races.

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Track conditions on the weekend were absolutely the best we have seen from Aztec in god knows how long. It’s not from lack of trying, but between the narrow layout and lack of fresh dirt, Aztec can definitely be prone to being a bit of a one-liner. However, this weekend, we saw mother nature toss the crew down south a serious bone with some serious precipitation.

Anyway, the usual SRAC suspects turned up to do some battling in the pro class, as Gifford, Sweney, Flesia and Fitch were all in attendance. Only piece missing from that is Toddy B, whose tight pants didn’t allow him to compete on Sunday. All the mini bike classes enjoyed pretty full gates. The 80s, 60s and 50s all had good competition, especially towards the middle of the pack. Sooo, let’s get it rollin’.


IMG_6598Despite the overall turnout being somewhat akin to a conference on the benefits of weed in the middle of Oklahoma, there was some cool stuff happening among the fastest in Colorado. In the first Open Pro moto, Mikey Sweney ripped a holeshot (punch your computer screen if that’s at all surprising) and looked to be in a good position. However, with Mitchell in the race, you can count the laps till he’s breathing down your neck. And by the 2nd lap, Mitchell was quite decisive in getting and extending a lead. Mikey would go on to settle into 2nd, with ol’ Flesia perched in 3rd. Lurking, like a shark, was the newly unretired Bobby Fitch, just about losing his damn mind. Fitch looked like a pissed off teenager, as he guided Scidmore’s old bike on a charge worth of the friggin’ name. As the laps ticked off, Bobby shot past SIX riders, on his way to a 3rd place, finishing right behind Mike Sweney. It was a truly bananas performance.

IMG_6597Moving on to the 250s, we had Mike Sweney get out to another one of them patented hot starts. Filing behind were the likes of Flesia, Giff-Dad and B-Fizzy-Fresh.  Bobby, feeding off of that epic charge in the Open Pro moto, quickly got around Sweney, with Flesia and Gifford in the wings. Mitchell, in a fury to get up front, got a little loose and ended up wacking his head with some force. Putting him out of contention for the moto win. Fitch went on to capture that victory, with Sweney and Flesia behind. In 450 Pro, it was Mitchell again who was all, ‘yeah, I’m going to win this race.’ And win it he did. Mitchell went on to win the final 4 Motos of the day, after his wonky get-off in the first 250 A moto, going 5-6 on the day. Bobby, was pretty damn consistent as he closed out with 3 Overalls and 2 Second Overalls, racing a whopping 5 classes. Sweney was as consistent as one would expect, with 3, 4, 4 overall finishes. We’d also like to give a bit of a shoutout to Rustin Meyer and Ruggles, who both put in some solid rides on their 450s.


122A0911We’ll spare you any discussion of Logan Lessar, as there’s not really much discussion. Logan has been pretty freakish in recent weeks, as he’s been nearly impossible to beat since making his switch to the orange brigade. But… behind Logan, there were other people, doing other impressive things. One ripper that comes to mind, is young Adi Malcolm. We wrote about her in our last coverage, but hot diggity damn, she brought it again this weekend. Adi had a clean sweep on the two ladies classes she competed in, and she was runner-up both motos in a male-heavy Supermini class. She’s quite possibly one of the more impressive women racers we’ve seen come out of Colorado in a long time. Another strong ride on Sunday was witnessed from Brayden Hall, who was able to get his hands on 3-3 finishes in Supermini, and 2-2 in his age group class. Presley Paladino and Alanna Padilla closed out the top 5 in Supermini. In 85 All Star, we saw the continued blazing speed from Dillon Blecha snag up both moto wins, with Blake Leach and Treyton Padilla going 2-2 and 3-3, respectively, in that class.


IMG_6599Knowing that the Malcolm’s made an appearance for this battle royale, does anyone have guesses on who controlled the afternoon in the 65 division? If your guess didn’t rhyme with Parter Talcolm (S/O to Rob Imondi & Connor Olson, aka Mob Trimondi & Bonner Molson), then you would be sorely mistaken. Yup, the small-in-stature, big-in-kahoneys ripper out of Elizabeth was a force again this weekend in Colorado Springs. He swept every single one of his 65 classes, and in, what we believe to be his first race on an 85, went 2-1 in the 9-11 class. Finishing behind him in the Open 65 class, was the always fast and always improving Jeremy Roe. Jeremy is going to be scary for anyone who has to deal with him for years to come. Behind those dudes, it was an absolute frenzy for 3-6. They swapped moto finishes, like house moms swap recipes. It ended up being Parks, Boutilier, Leach and Funk to fill those spots in a wild couple of motos. Dilon Blecha was again solid in the older age group, as he finished up 2-2 behind Carter. Treg Duvall and Jace Hinrichs traded moto finishes in that class, with Treg taking the final podium spot with a better 2nd moto finish. We’d like to give a very special shoutout to Ethan Funk, who rode his ass off all weekend and finished with a myriad of top 5s in his 3 classes.


IMG_6596Commonly known fact: the Blecha’s rip. In the 80s and 60s, it’s the older Blecha. In the 60s and 50s, it’s the younger brother, Cole, who does some real damage. He was unfun to deal with in 50 classes 2 & 4, as he went on to break out the broom in those two classes. He simply appeared to be in a class of his own on Sunday. Colby Lessar put in some strong rides behind Cole, as he appears to be following in his brother’s footsteps by being real fast on a dirtbike. However, in 50 Class 4, the always quick Brody McCue scooped runner-up honors, with Colby rounding out the podium. In the little little class, Eric Keene, Bry Rodman and Steven Street had mirror first and second moto finishes.

Closings Words

What a resurgent year for Colorado motocross, and a great close in part 1 of the 2017 send off. Yeah, our dirt might not be great here, but we will be damned if the motocross scene in our home state isn’t one of the more rad in the country.

Thanks for the read, we hope it was somewhat appealing. Anyway…

That’s all folks.