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What a weekend it was for the American Motocross community. The World Grand Prix series traversed its way to WW Moto Park, Tucker Saye & Cally Nepp tied the knot (a bunch of local pros got rowdy), Tyler Johnson flaunted his glorious mustachio and Pawnee Cycle Club welcomed riders to its top-notch facility. And, oh, did we mention Elevated debuted our first stack of merch?! Chyeah, you could say this weekend was unsh*tty. Anyway, as you could imagine, there was a bit of a dent in turnout at the 5th round of the Rocky Mountain Showdown series due to the holiday weekend and wedding festivities. Regardless of turnout, the track and layout was up to the usual standard set by the track that may as well be in Nebraska. There were some stellar performances by the younger ladies of our sport in the Supermini class, a re-breakout of sorts for one of Colorado’s most well-known pros and the return of Carter Malcolm, who despite his stature, is simply an animal on that 65. So let’s get cooking.


Smoke a BowlsonThe overall pro turnout at the last few rounds of the newly-established mega series has left something to be desired. At the first three rounds of the Rocky Mountain Showdown series, the cream of the crop in Colorado moto showed out in droves. However, these last 2 rounds, the count has suffered somewhat. Despite that, mostly all the frontrunners have been consistent in their attendance. Joey Olson, Cody Gray, Mitchell Gifford, John John Citrola and others made their way out east for this Labor Day battle royale. In the first 450 moto, it seemed things were business as usual for the Springs product, Mitchell Gifford, as he cruised his way to a solid win: with Olson, Gray and Citrola filing in behind. The story played out quite similarly in the first 250 A moto, as Gifford commanded the moto, with Flesia, Dilley and Gray in tow. In Open Pro, however, the tides turned on a dominant Gifford. Joey Olson got out to a hot start, and Gifford was forced to try to make his way through the pack. Around the middle of the moto, Gifford had a forced error and hit the deck pretty hard. Olson controlled the rest of the moto as Gray and a ferociously consistent Citrola finished 2nd & 3rd, respectively, in that moto. In the afternoon, the 450 A moto saw another error from Mitchell, as he again hit the ground while moving his way to the front. Joey was able to lead from start to finish on his newly-dawned 2018 Peak Honda World machine (sweet plug, huh?). Following suit was, you guessed it, Gray and Citrola. 250 A didn’t see the same fate for Gifford, as he was able to take the sweep on the day. Gray was able to salvage a 2nd and Dilley was steady eddy, as he nabbed up a 3rd in that moto as well. In Open Pro moto 2, it was again Mr. Olson with a clean ride, to capture a sweep in the class. Again, we had Gray and Citrola rounding out the podium in that moto.


574A1647Of the locals who did some work at Loretta’s, you could certainly argue that Bronson McClure was one of the most impressive. Fresh off of a 2nd at the coveted amateur national, Bronson has continued to be dominant in local competition. Nary encountering a second place, it’s definitely been tough for the local crop to keep him honest this year. His performance in Sterling echoed that sentiment, as he was able to guide his machine to a clean sweep in both Schoolboy 1 & 125 C. The rest of the top 5 was oddly consistent, as Tyler Long, Connor Stevenson, Kyle DeRoche and Jared Hardy all had moto 2 finishes that were the same as moto 1 (cept for Jared, who went 5-6). In Schoolboy 2, it was Chase Warner who refused to forfeit any leeway to his competition as he went 1-1 on the afternoon. The top 3 was wrapped up by Rylan Munson with a 2-3 and Cade Scripter with a 5-2.


574A1472You know, I was talking to little Logan Lessar before his afternoon motos and he was talking about how much better he felt on that new orange machine. Not that his results were struggling by any means before he made the switch, but we’ll be gosh darned if he isn’t just RIPPIN’ aboard the Austrian-made ride. In the 85 12-15 class, he was not to be toiled with as he went 1-1 on the day. Brody Propernick held his own, however, as he directed his respective orange steed to a 2-2 in that class. Kaleb Hale, Matt Paris & Drew Slaugh closed out the top 5 in the older age group with respectable rides of their own. Moving on to the Superminis, it was Jagger Koch that took control of the day as he won the first moto. Gage Friedrichs and Logan closed out the top 3 in that moto. The most impressive ride, in our ever-so humble opinion, was put in by the 13 year old shredder, Adi Malcolm, as she steered her ride to a 6th place moto finish. In the afternoon, young Logan made damn sure to land on the top spot of the box. Finishing up behind him were the likes of Jagger, Kyle DeRoche, Jaxson Pascal and Gage Friedrichs. We’d also like to give a quick shoutout to a couple of other ladies who put in sound rides in that class as Ellie Ogden and Mignon Hill snagged up a 12th & 14th, respectively.


574A1613As we had alluded to earlier, Carter Malcolm made his long-awaited return to local motocross competition in Colorado. We don’t know what Danny & Peggy are feeding those kids, but it must be some high-quality stuff. Carter, coming off of a 7th & 9th at the prestigious Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National, picked up right where he left off in Tennessee. The young ripper from Elizabeth was a force all day, as he was able to snag all 4 moto wins on the day in the open and age group classes. Not to mention, he was tossing some mad style on one of the track’s biggest jumps. Following suit in the older age group class was a resilient Dillon Blecha and determined Jeremiah Willoughby: with Owen Bobiney & Jacob Johnson rounding the top 5. In the open class, Jeremy Roe was once again riding like a kid twice his age, as he went 2-2 on the afternoon. Closing out the top 5 in that class was Ryker Leaneagh, Owen Bobiney and Ethan Funk. In the smaller age group, it was the dominant duo of Jeremy Roe and Ryan Boutilier who controlled the Labor Day clash with 1-1 & 2-2 finishes, respectively.

We apologize for the somewhat lean coverage this weekend, we’ll be sure to close out with a fury at the final round, but in the meantime:

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