Secluded Playground | Blake Baggett

Tucked away among some of the most prestigious private tracks in Florida, is Blake Baggett’s otherworldly El Chupacabra Ranch. Massive manmade hills, wicked red clay and rollers galore are the earmarks of the world class facility. In Moto the Movie 7, Blake pronounced that the Ranch was an investment in himself and his race craft. After a stellar 2017 campaign, despite a nagging thumb injury, it appears that this investment is already paying big-time dividends. Enjoy this nifty creation developed in the labs of Elevated Mx of Blake Baggett and Dakota Alix gettin’ loose at Blake’s Secluded Playground.

Also, we’d like to extend a big thanks to Fly Racing, Rocky Mountain ATV MC and the wicked artists who provided the soundtrack: Pierce Edens and Plastic Daggers.