A Mitchell Gifford Story

In the sport of motocross, if someone has a chance to make it big, it will be easy to tell early on. For Mitchell, it took him a while to hit his stride. His earlier years as an amateur were fine, but they also weren’t much to brag about either. Around 2013, Mitchell began to truly come into his own and develop as a legitimate threat beyond the local scene. Fast forward to 2017, Mitchell has upped his program and elevated his dedication: the results echo that.

No, he isn’t bangin’ bars with Blake Baggett anytime soon, but he continues to develop as a legitimate Top 20 contender. It wasn’t long ago when Weston Peick was struggling to make mains, or that Alex Martin was bouncing around satellite teams, lingering outside of the top 10. The point is, just because the norm is guys like Villopoto, Anderson & Forkner, doesn’t mean that there aren’t breakthrough riders who take a different path. But quite honestly, it’s hard for us to believe that Mitchell gives a damn about any of that, because he’s just having fun riding his dirtbike.