Farm-Fresh Battles | The Farm Mx

Similarly to what has been done in Colorado (the native state of Elevated Mx, and also the place where everyone smokes weed), there has been a unity for the greater good out in the Midwest. In its 2nd year on the map, the series is doing its best to draw in riders from states like Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and others to do battle. Although the number of entries weren’t mind-boggling, there was some pretty damn stellar racing among the guys that showed out. Anyway, here’s some class breakdowns: cause that’s why you’re here, right? Actually, you probably don’t even know why you’re here, you probably accidentally clicked on the link, then were like, ‘Well, this page is kind of cool, I’ll just start reading.’


Zack Archer & Ryder Hanninen (Frame | Jess Reed)

With a solid pro payback (especially for local stuff), there was definitely a good amount of pros that turned up to do some good ol’ fashioned dirtbike racing. Easily the most stellar performance of the weekend was put on by a dude by the name of Bradly Depenger. As he, in Open Pro & 25+ Pro, went on to sweep all 4 motos. Simply put, he was just dominant on the weekend. Behind him in Open Pro, Wade Brommel and Brennan Myers rounded out the Top 3: as they went 2-2 3-3, respectively. In the 250 class, Wade Brommel was the guy to beat. He was able to guide his number 54 Kawi to a 1-1, and if it weren’t for a determined Depenger, he probably would’ve swept the weekend. Rolling in behind Brommel, we had Josef Debower & Ryder Hanninen. We want to give a shoutout to Ryder Hanninen as he was able to lay claim to a 3rd in 250s and a 5th in Open, pretty impressive for a dude who was racing the B class a few weeks back.


Cass McKeag (Frame | Jess Reed)

The intermediate turnout was somewhat lackluster, but really, that’s something that is to be expected. As you’re either middling in the novice class or quickly catapulting to the pros, the intermediate is, well, a temporary class. Despite the so-so turnout, there were most definitely some killer performances from the likes of Dylan Smith, Cass McKeag, Alex Sollazzo and others. To begin with, Dylan Smith was simply not to be denied over the weekend. At Elevated, we don’t know much personally about him, but a quick look at the box score will tell you that he was RIPPIN’ this weekend and looks to be on his way to big things. Dylan took the clean sweep in both 250 & Open Intermediate, laying claim to a chokehold on the 7 Round series. Behind him, Cass McKeag, Alex Sollazzo, Tristan Bell and Ziggy Campbell jostled for positions all day in the 250s. In Open, it was the same story, minus Tristan Bell, plus Eric Koob and Joey Nielsen. Don’t know whether Dylan was aware or not, but there was certainly some hot action going on behind him all day.


Gage Steburg (Frame | Jess Reed)

We simply can’t start this post without the most real mention of Gage Steburg. Actually, and ironically, from the pros to the intermediates to the 80s, there were clean sweeps across all three classes. There was a sweep of sweeps, if you will. Anyway, Gage Steburg was absolutely hauling the mail on Sunday. He came out swinging in the first 85 SR moto, and kept that momentum rolling straight on through, as he laid claim to every moto that he raced. Similarly to the battle royales that we saw in the intermediate classes, the pack behind the leader was going at it. Craighten Rea and Drake Cole went 2-2, in the 85 SR and Supermini classes, respectively. But behind that, it was an all out war. In the 85 SR class, Landon Pelzer, Ronnie Orres and Josh Christensen duked it out for the 3rd, 4th and 5th positions. In Supermini, that same group, plus Craighten Rea, Dylan Payer and Andrew Laybon went at one another from 3rd-8th.


Round 2 of the Best of the Midwest series had some seriously rad battles amidst some of the region’s best and brightest. We, at Elevated Mx, felt pretty stoked to be able to cover it and look forward to the remaining 5 rounds.