Expression | Carter Daughtrey

It’s amazing when you observe what it means to truly express yourself: to really get lost in the moment doing what frees you from the stress, the pressures, the bullshit. For Carter Daughtrey, motocross has created an outlet through which she can completely shut everything off and let it all go. However, when it comes to her art, it’s a means through which she can turn negativity into positivity, darkness into light. As can be witnessed when she slides on one of her custom-painted lids and starts to twist the grip, or can be heard in the incredibly haunting tune she sings at the end.

To us in the motocross community, we can all relate to that indescribable freedom experienced when your mind is only focused on that next rut or hitting that next jump. To the rest of society, they may have to find other ways to put their mind at ease and release from the day-in and day-out monotony. Whoever you are, and whatever walk of life you come from, we can all agree on one thing: self-expression is vital.