Rebirth | An Adam Brown Story

Motocross is undoubtedly one of the most fickle sports you will ever come across. Most racers who stick with it long enough will experience some of the most indescribable highs followed by almost unbearable lows: and so the cycle goes. It’s crazy, because with most other sports, as the injuries start to pile up & adversity grows ever greater, hanging it up becomes an evermore attractive option. However, motocross is one of those sports where, no matter how many times it kicks your ass & makes you reevaluate the situation, the burning desire to dawn the steed just refuses to fade.

Enter the life of Adam Brown: a dude who was once one of the most prominent regional young studs hailing from the great state of Colorado, whose motocross career didn’t necessarily pan out the way he had imagined. A wealth of injuries, personal tragedies & the like were responsible for re-positioning the sport in Adam’s eyes.

From a young age, Adam’s parents recognized the talent that he possessed on a bike & from there, everything went into Adam & his racing. From local dominance, to dicing it up with some of the best in the country at Loretta Lynn’s, Adam’s ability on a bike was never in question. But from his family’s perspective, it was never about the wins or the prospects of making money: no, for them, it was about the experience of doing the whole damn thing together. Ironically, the adversity Adam faced was responsible for aligning what motocross means to him with what it means to his family.

Despite the turbulence his career has seen, we still see a guy who looks at the track with childish wonder; and a family, who has been involved since the beginning, still loving the experience as much as they ever did. Enjoy the story of Adam Brown & a motocross family that can’t help but feel passionate about this wild sport.

Featured Image by: Brett Uribe