Blessed | Lane Shaw


Alvin, Texas is home to of one of the more interesting up-and-coming Supercross racers around. This racer’s name is Lane Shaw, a kid with the kind of stoke for life that most people could only dream of. To be honest, when Elevated Mx got the chance to get the story on this dude, we weren’t really sure what to expect. Our only real knowledge of his background was that he is a privateer who just made his way through the Road to Supercross developmental series, & was able to make his way into the night show in St. Louis with the 37th best practice time.


Around  11 O’Clock local time, Tuesday morning, we snagged the phone & dialed him up. It was instantly obvious that this was one of the more serendipitous kids you’ll ever meet. Lane, an inhabitant of one of the most killer motocross states in the country, has only been racing for a short time (relative to the rest of the scene). At Twenty years old, he has only been racing since the age of Fourteen. Growing up, Lane was constantly involved in team sports (also, not common for motocross dudes). He was involved very seriously in Baseball & Football, playing Pitcher & Strong Safety, respectively. It wasn’t until he shredded his elbow pitching that he started to consider racing.

Lane had dreams of landing a big time Division 1 scholarship long before he had aspirations of racing alongside the quickest rippas in the coutntry. After rehabbing from his Tommy John’s surgery, Lane was struggling to regain the same ability in team sports, but he was able to rip on a bike. From there, his path started to take shape & with the strong support of his parents & his brother (not really his brother) Justin Copcak & Justin’s dad, Joe, his motocross dream was underway.


Lane was able to accustom himself well to Motocross quickly. In 6 short years of racing, he was able to push his way through the rigors of the amateur scene (earning a ticket to Loretta’s 5 years in a row), into the Road to Supercross & come out with enough speed to slide right into the night show. When we asked about the Road to Supercross series he said, “Dude, it was gnarly. The whoops are huge, the track is super tight & it’s just really intense.” He did say, however, that “it really helped to prepare him for the Supercross series” which he said, “is a lot easier to flow on.”

At this point in the story, most of y’all are probably thinking, ‘Man, this kid is pretty dope’. Just wait, it gets better. He also happens to be pretty close with Colorado’s crown jewel, Andrew Short. How, you might ask? According to Lane, they had both just come off of injuries & they were riding out at Red Rock, & he just went up to him, started talking. It was funny, Lane said that he was super star struck & he thought Shorty might have given him the wrong number. But, blessed as Lane is, him & Shorty have been buds ever since. The Colorado native has become a mentor of sorts to the kid from Texas. When we asked Lane what he’s learned most from the legend, he said, “Just to not put so much pressure on myself. He always tells me to just go out & enjoy it.” Would you expect any less profound wisdom from Shorty?


Lane’s primary focus is motocross at the moment. Training, riding, grinding, chasing the dream of Pro Supercross. But don’t worry, he also has a gig test-riding bikes for the well-known media syndicate, Dirt Rider. An opportunity he got from being a ripper & being ballsy enough to talk to anyone, at any time. This time, the connection he developed was a well-known name around the motocross scene, Kris Keefer.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where this super blessed young fella’s life is headed. However, we do know that wherever he ends up, he’s gonna be alright.