Sacrifice | A Conor Wallace Story

One of the coolest dudes you will ever meet, Conor Wallace is unique from a lot of those that inhabit our sport today. He didn’t grow up with a lot of money, nor did he have a family that was 100% dedicated to the sport & his success in it. Everything Conor has done, & continues to do, in the sport of motocross is just him, his old truck, his lovingly beaten bike & his lady. He doesn’t make a whole bunch of money, & the sponsors aren’t necessarily knocking down his door.

But really, get rid of all the bullshit, and there’s Conor still, with a smile on his face as long as the hours on his ole’ steed. For him,┬áit’s not about the trophies, the race wins or the glory: no, it’s about doing it all For the Love of the Sport. Hope y’all enjoy watching this, almost as much as we enjoyed making it. Cheers.