Kasen’s Kut | AZ Open

The Arizona Open took place at Arizona Cycle Park from the 1st of December till the Fourth.  Luckily the racers were greeted by warmer weather, amazing dirt, and anything you need to have a great time.  The gates were stacked with riders like Max Vohland, Jo Shimoda, and Sean Cantrell who were ready to claim some championships, but Colorado still showed up to play (of course)!  Gage Dunham swept the 51cc (4-6) class for a national title, Mitchell Gifford took fourth in Open Sport A, John Murray earned himself a podium in the Vet Class, and then Alexander Vestal also joined the podium in Supermini 2 (13-16).  Long story short, the racers from Colorado performed quite well and earned some cacti.

The greatest thing about racing, whether it be a local race or an amateur national, at the core, it’s all the same thing.  It was still a group of passionate kids putting laps in.  Enjoy the edit made by Kasen Schamaun, and follow Elevated MX on Instagram, and like us on Facebook too.