Kasen’s Kut | RMXA Championship

On October 9th, 2016, the racers of Colorado gathered one last time to do battle for the RMXA point series.  For the last time of the season, we all loaded up at the crack of dawn, ventured to the track, and laid it all on the line once more, and how fitting is it that we ended the season where we started it.  Thunder Valley did not disappoint as they sculpted the land to create ruts that were scary to even look at, so the day was considered a success.

It’s almost a miracle that in October the weather held up, but luckily for all of us, it did! It was a slightly brisk morning turned into a pleasant cool evening with cloud cover.  The race day was exemplary of how races should run.  There were intense battles as the riders could feel the season dwindling, points were on the line, and championships needed to be earned.  At the end of the race day, it was a bitter sweet moment.  I think we all could feel a relief from the long arduous journey coming to a conclusion, but being the sick people we are, we wanted so much more. So, from Elevated Mx, we all want to personally congratulate the racers on their seasons, send thoughts to those who couldn’t finish, and thank all of you for joining us in our first season.  While yes, the SRAC and RMXA race series are over, it’s Colorado!  There is plenty of racing to be snuck in this winter, and you can bet your bottom dollar you will see us at the Winter Combat Series, arenacross, and of course tracks throughout the weekends.  So everyone, grab that old hoodie, the thick gloves, and the love of motocross we all hold so deep, because it’s time for what makes us Colorado racers who we are.  It’s time for winter riding.  Enjoy the short video created by our own, Kasen Schamaun, below.