StandOuts | PPSX & TVMX

What a weekend it was for Colorado Motocross. With yet another Saturday-Sunday double header, there was plenty of action across the state for riders & spectators alike. The Pikes Peak Supercross was ran twice in one year for the first time in we think maybe ever, and it certainly did not disappoint. What, with the appearance of local hero & motocross legend, Andrew Short & the plethora of blazing fast out-of-staters; Pikes Peak delivered on the goods. On Sunday, Colorado Motocross hucked its way over to Thunder Valley (referred to as The Hood by those of us in the community who think we’re cool).  The turnout wasn’t anything special, but there was definitely some great racing amidst Derek, Cody & Joey in the pro class and beyond. As much as we know you guys love our freakin’ dope intros, here are the StandOuts™ from this past weekend.

Austin Rogers

8v9a0374This dude has been one committed son of a gun when it has come to SRAC’s Supercross Series this year. He has yet to miss a single round & he has certainly been pretty consistent in the result department as well. If you toss out a few of the outliers, he has been lingering in the Top-5 all year Indoors. This weekend went 2-1 in Collegeboy (16-24) as well as a 4-4 for 4th Overall in 250 B. Austin has been at this game for a while, and it just seems like he really loves to race, which is dope.

Ryan Zawacki

8v9a0233-2Where to we start with this (Not So) yungin? He has been absolutely haulin’ mass amounts of mail this year, like the dude is on a mission.  Wanna know what his worst result of this Supercross Series has been? 2nd, and just like Austin, he has been to every single race of the Series. Ryan has just been hitting the mark every weekend, with wicked speed & smooth style, he has a combination that’s hard to beat. Not quite sure where he got this broom, but the kid swept every single moto in 85 (12-15), SuperMini & 2-Stroke Non-Pro. Though his dominance is damn impressive, what he displayed as a sportsman was even more impressive. After his motos, Ryan would wait for fellow competitors to high-five each & every one of them. If that’s not rad, then nothing is.

Gannon Lawson

8v9a0356I remember being on 50’s and the thought of jumping even the smallest, safest double was straight up terrifying. Hell, even on 60’s doubles were nightmarish. Then, there are kids like Gannon Lawson who look at doubles as if they are just puny and unworthy of his 50. This little dude absolutely sends it at every single track he lays tires on. Just go through his Instagram for like 5 minutes and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. This weekend, he wowed the crowd by jumping a big boy-sized triple during the intermission. The best part, though, was how he kept amping up the crowd and getting them into it.  Looks like we got a regular ol’ Evel Knievel on our hands. Anyway, as far as results are concerned, he grabbed 1 moto win to go along with three 2nd place finishes for a couple 2nd Overalls.

Shannatay Bergeron

8v9a0158Shannatay, like the riders we mentioned before her, has been pretty committed to hitting the Supercross races this year. She has raced at 6 out of a possible 7, and has really been improving week after week. This weekend was kind of an odd one for her because her classes were pretty limited on entries. She did, however, send her first Supercross triple and may we add, made it look damn easy. Shannatay has some pretty steezy style, so it’s definitely fun to watch her ride. Good stuff this weekend, dude.

David Clabaugh

8v9a2649David Clabaugh, aka D Cla aka The Clameister aka he isn’t known by a single one of those names, but we just felt like it. David is kind of a legend around these parts, he has been racing here locally since before we were even in existence. He’s always been a fast dude, and he has been running Thunder Valley for a good minute. This year was a wild one for Clabaugh. He raced the Local Qualifier at Brush, hosted the National and the very next weekend was hosting, and racing, the Regional Qualifier; he also outdid himself and friggin’ qualified for the prestigious Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National. Hell of a summer for Clabaugh. We really just wanted to shout out the man, the myth, the legend more than anything else, but he did manage a 2nd in the +50 Class.

Zach Conley

8v9a2458After starting out the season a little shaky, Zach Conley has really come into his own as of late. He continued his momentum from a solid Labor Day weekend out at Sterling, and parlayed it into a couple of 3rds and a 2nd in 450 B, CollegeBoy & Open Am respectively. Not only were his results really consistent, but he was also ripping off starts like he had spent all week chugging raw eggs & getting yelled at with Mike Alessi. All jokes aside, solid weekend for Zach and we’re stoked to see his progress.

Corinthia Crawford

8v9a2540Corinthia Crawford is one badass girl, she can really rip. After making a well-deserved trip to Loretta’s, she has steadily been giving the dudes all they can handle. She had a nice sweep of the 65 (7-9) Class, then she followed that up with a 3-1 for 2nd Overall in Girls Jr (9-12). She just keeps Elevating (see what we did there?) her game week after week. It’s also pretty nuts how competitive she is in a class that’s pretty much all dudes. Keep it up, Corinthia.

Robert “Bobby” Fitch

8v9a2028Bobby Fitch has been one of the fastest dudes in Colorado for literally all of time. It seems like there has never been a point in history where Bobby wasn’t a Top-3 contender every weekend. Bobby, now well into his 30’s, is still crushing here locally. This weekend he did what few men are brave or crazy enough to do, he raced both indoors & out. At Pikes Peak, he grabbed a first in +25 Pro and a 2nd in 250 Pro. He followed that up with a 1st in +30 A, and a 3rd in 250 A at Lakewood the following day. Someday Bobby will be slow, but we wouldn’t bank on it being anytime soon.


Damn, that was a whole lot of words. Well, my back hurts, I think I may have Carpel Tunnel and my eyes feel like they’re melting off of my face. But you know what? We don’t do this because its easy, we do this because we love the attention. Anyway, it was a pretty rad weekend of racing for the Colorado Motocross scene. It saw a few local legends doing business as usual and railing on their pickles, a couple ladies showing the dudes what is actually up and some up-and-comers just making all of us squids look bad. We can’t wait for the last couple races, as their should be even more action and a whole lot of people taking part in the greatest sport of all-time. Peace out from Murray, Shorty and the one they call Snacky, SnackyChan to be exact.