Farm Finale | Standouts

This past weekend, the RMXA series headed back  to “The Farm” for the fourth and final time this season. The rider turnout was decent, as we’ve seen far worse, but we were a bit bummed with the minimum entries in a few classes, especially in the pro class. With the absence of some heavy rippers such as Tanner Wineland, Joey Olson and a few others we’d expect to show up, the racing in pro class was a bit boring to watch.  Despite the low turnout in a few classes, overall the finale at the Farm was a huge improvement over the third round a few weeks back; with minimum injuries and pristine track conditions, the Leahy Family definitely raised the bar and redeemed themselves and ended their season on a high note.

Derek Anderson #241


We’d be foolish not to include Derek Anderson as a top shredder/standout last weekend, or hell any other weekend Derek shows up. Derek yet again found himself at the front of the pack Sunday, and really showed he hasn’t lost any speed after a few weeks off from injury. Derek went ahead and won every moto he competed in with ease. Good to have you back DA!


Zac Meier #317

Zac Meier happens to be one of our many talented contributors that coincidentally hauls ass on a dirtbike as well. Out of nowhere, Zac decided to make the long haul from Scottsbluff, Nebraska to bang bars with the Colorado boys and try out the RMXA Series for the first time. Signing up in the 250 c (+17) Zac earned himself a pair of third place finishes, giving him (you guessed it) a third overall for the day. Rumor has it, he will be lining up again this weekend at Pawnee Cycle Club. Be on the look out Tate Robertson, this kid rips!


40+ C

There’s plenty of riders in the 40+ C class that deserve to be standouts, so we are gonna bend the rules and give the whole class recognition. These older guys show up to rip every week and give the fans the battles we all pay 12 bucks at the gate for. This week there was 22 entries which was one of the larger turnouts at the finale. Kane Knoop, Scott Hall and Dj Albrecht were your top three followed by Phil Heffner and Kenny Kramer to round off the top five overalls for the day. Killer job guys!


Aden Finley #99

It was tough to pick the standout in the 65cc 7-9 class as the top two finishers were haulin’ but Aden Finley went 1-1 so he rightfully deserves to be considered the top standout in this class. Aden currently leads the class in points by a slim 8 points over young ripper Jeremy Roe. It was crucial that Aden finished on top this weekend and he got it done, even with the recent Loretta Lynn’s contender Corinthia Crawford chasing him both motos. Keep it up Aden, and you’ll find yourself the 65cc 7-9 class Champion in a few weeks!

Ryan Boutilier #779

Our fifth and final standout from Sunday’s race is the very consistent Ryan Boutilier. Ryan found himself racing in three classes with his best finish in the 51cc class 4 (open 4-8 yrs) finishing third the first moto and rebounding with a win in the second moto for a second overall for the day. Ryan was also one of the few riders that raced the night before at the Greeley Supercross, where he happened to kill it there as well. Grabbing two overall wins and two second place finishes. With all that racing in 48 hours, we’re sure he got a solid night sleep Sunday night!

There you have it folks, our top five standouts from the Farm Finale. See you all at Sterling this Sunday!