Salute to Shorty | One Helluva Career



20-some years ago, a young star was on the rise in Colorado. Amidst the fury of stiff competition that was offered all the way back then, he was able to overcome monumental challenges to achieve what few Colorado-based riders had done before; he landed a factory ride. For as long as we can remember, it has been nothing but Florida, California, Texas and other moto hotbeds that produced the bulk of top factory dudes.  His road to Motocross supremacy was not one that came easy. Andrew Short struggled through years of riding on Satellite teams before he broke through with his first factory ride for Team Honda. From there, Shorty started to become a household name among those within the motocross community. Shorty was Dungey before Dungey. He never rode out of his head, but he was always extremely fast and consistently running up front. It was rare that you would ever see Shorty with some sketchy moment, he was always in control. Which is a big reason why his career had so much longevity. 15 years at the top of one of the most grueling sports the world has ever seen is no easy feat.

Shorty, now well into his 30’s, was able to put his KTM in the Top-10 with ease a few times in what was his last season. The Top-10, Top-5, Top-3, those were all pretty familiar for Shorty throughout his illustrious career. He just knew how to ride, and he really made it look easy. As easy as he made it look on the bike, he made it look just that easy off of it. It’s possible that his likeability and selfless attitude will be the legacy of Shorty’s career more than anything else. The dude is just smiling all the time; like we’re pretty sure if you socked him in the face & stole his wallet, he would still be smiling. He’s really pretty comparable to the likes of the legendary Kevin Windham. Just a solid dude far beyond the motorcycle.

Some snobby moto fans will probably criticize Shorty for never claiming a Pro Motocross Championship, but his prowess on a motorcycle is only a small portion of what he means to the community. A role model for young motocross racers, the world over. In a realm filled with bad boys and burnouts, Shorty carried out a career that anyone from any part of life could look upon with admiration. He never acted like jackass, he always did & said the right thing, he was just legit in every aspect of his career.

Although Shorty’s motocross career has come to an end, something gives us a feeling that his contributions to the world of motocross are just beginning.