The Dream | Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National

Every Fall, Amateur Motocrossers from around the world traverse their way to Hurricane Mills for one of the most prestigious events in all of action sports. The race started as an idea that popped into Dave Coombs head several years ago. The first race was held back in 1982 and it has continued to grow into a massive event for riders to showcase their chops amongst some of the best in the world. Considering the enormous implications of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it’s hard for a lot of the guys to truly appreciate just how cool it is. Loretta’s is one of those races that’s about so much more than racing dirt bikes. It is the culmination of thousands of hours of work, dedication & sacrifice by the riders & their families: resulting in the honor of dawning the ever so famous Loretta Lynn’s bib.

Colorado has never been known to produce the number of entries at Loretta’s that motocross hotbeds like Texas, California and Florida have. But this year, the tides have begun to shift, if only so slightly. Colorado has a huge number of dudes & ladies who punched their ticket to the most coveted racing event in all of moto. Us here at Elevated couldn’t more proud of everyone who was able to tackle the odds and accomplish what few are able to. We wanted to wish everyone a safe & successful weekend down at the Ranch. We can’t wait to see the damage that Colorado can do on that national scale. And who knows, we might be looking at some titles by the end of the week. Kill it out there and hold it down for the homeland!