Kasen’s Kut | Privacy

Luckily, we live in a state filled with decent tracks, for the most part, for us to pick and choose where we ride, but no matter what type of selection is offered, nothing is more unique or rewarding as riding a private track.  So, when Chris “Dipshit” Kelly (#522) and Jeff Boone’s (#267) private track started to sprout on social media, Elevated Mx slid into their DM’s and invited ourselves over for some fresh footy.  Then to put a cherry on the sundae, Joey “The Diesel” Olson (#589) and Dartanian Wade (#198) joined in and we all headed to the undisclosed location for some good ole fashioned private fun.  That day was a day that epitomizes what moto is about, a bunch of people having a good time riding dirt scooters.  Enjoy.