Thoughts | More Than A Sport

There are some people, well, a lot of people out there who would question the validity of that title. To outsiders, the sport of motocross doesn’t seem like much of a sport at all. Who could blame them? It’s hard to understand what it takes to race motocross until you’ve legitimately done it. Quite honestly, though, I don’t give a shit what outsiders think about our sport. Because their opinions on whether or not it’s a sport, or whether or not it’s quote ‘difficult’, don’t make it any less rad.

The thing is, it’s not even the sport itself that makes moto so dope. What makes moto so effin’ cool is what goes down when you’re off the bike. It’s those moments when you had an epic battle with one of your buddies & you can’t seem to talk about it enough. It’s about those times when you load up & head out to be a bunch of weekend warriors at whatever track is poppin’ that day.


I got hurt about 3 years ago at a race in the Springs. I’ve been in a wheelchair ever since. That fateful day forever changed my perspective about what motocross means to me, and whether you admit it or not, what it means to you.  Motocross is symbolic of everything right with humanity. It’s a group of people who love, support & really give a shit about one another. Yeah, there may be riffs between certain groups of people, but overall, motocross possesses one of the most tight-knit communities you will ever come across.

I guess my whole point in this blog post isn’t to discredit how sick actually racing a dirtbike is; cause that’s obviously what brought us all together in the first place. But it’s more to bring to light the fact that there is so much more to it than throwing your leg over the bike & twisting that grip. The memories I have of acting like an idiot with all of my lifelong homies at end-of-year banquets or the times when I’m posted up under the canopy shootin’ the shit with rad people; yeah, that’s what moto is really all about. Moto is more than a sport; moto is a salvation from the phonies & the bullshit. Moto is truly a lifestyle.