Indoor Insanity | Adams County Supercross

Words Courtesy of: Kasen Schamaun
Images Courtesy of: Phil Lambert

The Outdoors are the birthplace of our magnificent sport, it’s where legends like Bob Hannah sculpted the expectations of racing for decades to come, but then our sport branched out into a new frontier.  They took their machines, stiffened the suspension, upped their bottom-ends and took to the stadium to really put on a show for the fans. Yes, we’re talking about the glitz and glamour of Supercross.  Every racer dreams of being under the lights, in the show and as our friend Ralph Sheheen says, “To light the candles”.  Well, for most of us local guys, the night show is mostly out of reach, but SRAC brings the night show to us, and for that one night, the racers of Colorado get to put on a show for the masses and get a taste of Supercross.  So let’s get down to business and talk about the impressive, the fast, and the fastest at the Adams County Supercross.

The Pro’s (The Fastest):

Photo Jun 18, 6 47 06 PM
Todd Bannister #120 & Anthony Brewington #707

The Pro’s are always the center of the night, as they should be. They’ve put in a lot of time and effort to get where they are, so Adams County Supercross gives a great opportunity to strut their stuff. As far as results go in the 250’s, it’s no surprise that dudes like Todd Bannister and Bobby Fitch performed well, but the Main Event was snagged by Chris Flesia on the #347 machine.  Then in the 450’s, Deven Raper of Mesa, Arizona claimed the win in both 450 and Open Pro putting in quite the ride out at the Adams County Supercross.  Overall though, the results were quite spread out.  Wrecks and battles were plentiful as most guys do not get in much practice on steep jumps and bowl corners.

The B’s (The Fast):

Photo Jun 18, 4 27 35 PM - Copy
Dylan Flatley #807

The B racers are just refining their craft and are on the edge of professional speed so there’s bound to be some great racing.  Luke Anderson took first in 250 B followed by Austin Rogers and then Austin Wagner.  While winning one class is impressive, by Luke Anderson, he went to sweep all B classes including Open B and 450 B, so it was quite the night for him.  Then, Ryan Velasquez took second in both Open and 450 B.  Our honorable mention is Lyssa Fitch hanging with the boys and taking a 6th in 250 B.

The 50’s (The Impressive):
BBBBAAAAA BA BAAAAAA, yup the 50’s are on the track, and while the noise they create is on the border of unbearable, those riders impress the hell out of us here at Elevated. In the 50 Class 5 (one of the largest classes of the night), Gannon Lawson took first going 1-1. Speaking of 1-1, another thing about these mini machines is their consistency, damn near every 2nd moto mirrors their 1st moto finish.  Another impressive rider was Gage Dunham who went 1-1 in both 50 Class 1 and 3, but every young racer was impressive and continue to shape into the future of our ever-growing sport.

Photo Jun 18, 5 40 29 PM
Gannon Lawson #199 & Ryan Boutilier #779

We, at Elevated Mx, want to thank SRAC and Cactus Promotions for putting on an event like this.  To the outside eye, it’s just another race on a fairground, but to us local people, it’s so much more.  It’s an opportunity to be in the spotlight, to be watched and to open

Photo Jun 18, 7 54 03 PM
Ryan Zawacki #14

the eyes of people who know very little about our sport.  It takes the impressive scale of Supercross and transforms it into something more tangible for our local motocross family.  We will see you all next time out at the track and stay safe out there, save the sketchiness for the track.