Battle Royale | Back to The Farm

Two Rivers Racing, Milliken, The Farm, whatever the hell you want to call it, has always had a great reputation around the motocross community. The Leahy Family has continued to offer up some of the best track conditions in the state for the past several years. Their patented blend of manure and hay combine to form wicked ruts and solid breaking bumps. If anyone ever had a complaint about the track, it’s that it is pretty narrow, which tends to make it harder to move through the pack. I don’t think many spectators would have any complaints about the racing we saw this past weekend, however. There were four, count em’ FOUR, different winners in the 450 and Open A classes. Every moto across those two classes had a different winner. There was also the return of local legends Todd Bannister and Aaron McClintock, which only added to the intensity and depth of the pro class. It’s kind of a bummer that RMXA and SRAC race on the same weekend, because it would be rad to see all the fast pros line up on the same gate every weekend. Anyway, this week we wanted to give some love to the 65’s and the wee 50 rippers, on top of our usual pro coverage.


This weekend was a wild one in the pro class. We saw a total of 5 different winners across 3 classes. Todd and Aaron made their long-awaited comebacks to local racing, which just made things even more interesting up front. The Farm can definitely be a fickle beast when it comes to race day, especially on big bikes. To begin with, the concrete start is always pretty difficult to master; concrete starts require so many things to click perfectly in order to get a good jump, that even the pros mess it up from time to time. That big concrete launch pad, in combination with a narrow track, make consistent results nearly impossible. The results from this weekend, specifically in 450 and Open, echo that sentiment. Tanner Wineland probably had the most consistency, as his moto finishes went 1-3-2-2. Aaron McClintock and Joey Olson were a little more sporadic, with 1-11-7-2 and 3-1-2-8, respectively. Toddy B had a nice showing in Open going 3-1 for the overall, but did not finish in either of the 450 motos. We were able to catch up with Joey to discuss his weekend, and how it felt to get his first moto win and overall of the year,

The Farm was unreal! It was like riding on velcro ruts, no better way to spend a Sunday! Hats off to the Leahy Family. (Anyway) Tanner Wineland and Aaron McClintock kept me honest all day long, the racing was within a bike-length all day! I finally had my suspension done by Nicoll Racing, and I feel that’s what really helped me out. My bike hasn’t been setup all year, and now that I’m getting it dialed in, it’s just getting that much easier to ride. I can’t wait for Brush and Thunder Valley! The next two weekends are going to barn burners!

Joey Olson #589

Joey has always been one of the nicer, easier-going dudes at the track, so it’s cool to see him back on the top step of the podium. And when he said that this upcoming weekend at Brush should be a barn burner, we would definitely have to agree. This is a two-day racing event, with the local race on one day and the LLQ on the other; the turnout should be monstrous.


These boys continue to impress as their speed and intensity have been improving all season long. Brody Propernick and Carter Malcolm were once again the ones to beat in the Open and 10-11 classes. The two of them traded paint, and moto wins, all day. Carter got the best of Brody in the 10-11 class, with a 2-1 finish. Brody, however, came away with the overall in the Open class, with the same results his counterpart had in the other class. As I’m sure you could all imagine, they had inverse results in each of their classes, as Carter went 2-1-1-2 and Brody went 1-2-2-1. These battles are reminiscent of the epic battles of Trevor Whitmarsh and Thomas Cone, or Toddy B and Eric Decker.

Brody Propernick #255 and Carter Malcolm #67

So cool to see these little groms out there battling with such intensity. Can’t wait to continue to watch this rivalry grow as the season moves on. Also, don’t forget about Logan Lessar, who will make this class even more interesting in future races. Behind that battle, Jack Jamison and Coleton Forte were holding down 3rd and 4th positions. Continue to be impressed with Jack and his unwavering consistency.


Apparently The Farm sets up 50 battles of epic proportions, as the little dudes really duked it out all weekend. In the Open class, Jeremy Roe went 1-2, Kalvin Valdez, went 3-1 and David Harris went 3-2. There seems to be quite the battle for little bike supremacy brewing between Jeremy and Kalvin; as the two of them have been going back and forth all year. 8V9A5273All we can say is that we hope their Dads don’t end up fighting each other (just kidding…). Seriously, though, it’s really dope to see these 2 tikes out there ripping and battling like this. The really little dudes, we’re talking barely in the 1st grade, had less scattered results than their older counterparts. In the 4-6 class, it went Jett Kellogg 1-1, Payton Aragon 2-2, Gage Dunham 3-3 and so on, as everyone finished the same in moto 2 as moto 1. Well, at least they’re consistent. It will be interesting to see how this class transforms as the season progresses.


This weekend saw some of the most scattered results at the front of the pack that we’ve seen all year in the 450 and Open A classes. Joey, Aaron, Toddy and Tanner were all able to claim 1 moto win, as the unpredictability of The Farm was on full display. Cody Gray, not mentioned above, was pretty dominant in the 250 A class. The 65’s were lit like a Christmas tree, especially at the front of the pack. Brody and Carter refused to relent, and jabbed each other for moto wins all weekend, coming away with 2 moto wins and 1 overall a piece. In the 50’s, there was some veritable carnage near the front, as Jeremy, Kalvin and David were scrapping for position all weekend. The only class with any real continuity was the 1st grade and under division, as they all finished the same in both motos. The racing this past weekend was filled with intense racing and great battles, which is really just a solid precursor to the insanity that is bound to take place at Sweney Cycle Park. Enjoy this wicked dope edit our boy, Kasen Schauman, put together and we’ll see y’all out at Brush!