Baren Lands

Caught somewhere between Milliken and Brush, is a track that is unlike any other in the state. IMI Motorsports Complex, referred to most in the community as Erie, features not only a motocross track but several other motorsport-related tracks. Since PMI closed a few years back, IMI has really been the only facility of its kind still running. The unfortunate part is that, despite the great facility, all too often the motocross track resembles that of their other tracks: hard-packed, blue-grooved surfaces have become common-ground for the track out at IMI. For that reason, it tends to be a little less popular amidst racers: especially guys who really have to pick and choose which races they want to attend. This weekend, however, brought a more respectable track to riders and provided for some good battling. The pro class was a little sparse for the first time this season, kind of reinforcing our point in regards to the track. Derek Anderson, Tanner Wineland, Cody Gray and Joey Olson highlighted the pros, but beyond that, it was a pretty thin gate. Still, there was good racing to be had by a plethora of riders across a wide-variety of classes. This week, we wanted to try to centerpoint the B’s and 50’s along with the A’s.

A’s (Otherwise known as DA’s, until further notice):

On tracks like the one we had this past weekend, it becomes increasingly more difficult for riders to differentiate themselves; this is not ideal for racers, but it sure as hell provides for great entertainment if you’re behind the fence. This was evidenced very clearly by the 450 class in which Joey, Cody and Tanner swapped positions and moto finishes like they were playing Mario Kart. Seriously, 2nd, 3rd and 4th went Tanner, Cody, Joey in Moto 1 and Joey, Tanner, Cody in Moto 2. For fans of the sport, we really couldn’t ask for much more than that. It’s truly a bummer that Brush’s race was cancelled last weekend, because it’s evident that Tanner will have something for Derek on a more beat up track. But until then, we’ll have to wait patiently for Tanner to breakthrough with a feat that only one pro not named Derek has accomplished, and that’s, well, beating Derek. We’ve got a feeling he’s pretty close to a breakthrough.

B’s (Otherwise referred to as kids that the A’s should definitely worry about):

Ryan Velasquez and Taylor Burley were the two stand-outs in the B class this weekend. Ryan was completely dominant in every moto he competed in. He went 6-6 on moto wins in 450 and 250 B, as well as Collegeboy, against some real rippers. Taylor’s seat-time, as well as his out-of-state racing, really seemed to payoff this weekend. He had the impressive results of 4 2nd place finsishes, in addition to a 3rd and 4th place each. Another kid who didn’t actually compete in either of the previously mentioned classes that was straight hammering was J.J. Perea. J.J. competed in both the Standard and the 2-Stroke Open Amateur class. J.J. had solid results in both classes with a 1-1 in the 2-Stroke class and a 3-2 for 2nd overall in the Standard class. We were able to ask him a few questions about what it’s like racing in a 2-Stroke only class and here’s what he had to say, “It’s so much fun! To be out there tearing it up on a 12 year old 2-smoker, there’s nothing like it. Being on the line with 5 to 25 other 2-stokes, the sound when that 30 second board goes sideways is pure bliss!” As some dudes who really appreciate the sweet, sweet symphony of 2-Strokes ripping, we can definitely see where he’s coming from. He also gave a few comments on the track conditions and he said, “The track held up a lot better than me and a lot of others thought it would. It got rough and rutted in a lot of spots and really tried to beat you down.” We would also like to give an honorable mention to Cade Scripter. Cade displayed some raw speed all day on Sunday, capturing 3 moto wins out of 4 possible. Trae Dilley and Aaden Veazie were both ripping but couldn’t put together consistent finishes and it cost them in overall position. Whatever the case, these boys are on the rise and are certainly a force to be reckoned with as the season progresses.

50’s (Otherwise known as the fast groms with angry Dads, we’re only kidding… kinda):

Being a 50 rider is a frightening proposition; most of these little dudes are barely in grade school and they are riding on tracks built for grown men. Many of the memories I have from those days was being really nervous a lot of the time (even after the gate dropped); not to mention my dad replacing my clutch very frequently. But something I also remember was how intense it was, even then. So, what these young rippers lack in stature, they certainly make up for in pure metaphorical balls. Kids like Jeremy Roe and Kalvin Valdez get us super hyped for what’s next for Colorado Motocross. This weekend saw the two of them really going after one another for moto wins and overalls. Jeremy was really ripping and went home with 3 moto wins out of 4 possible in 50 Class’s 2 & 4. Kalvin wasn’t going down without swinging and he was able to secure 1 moto win and 1 overall in 50 class 2, as well as two 2nd places in Class 4. In Class 1, which is the youngest of the young, Cole Blecha and Gage Dunham were running up front: going 1-1 and 2-2 respectively. It will be exciting to see what happens to these little homies as they move through the ranks.


This weekend may have not seen the most epic pro turnout of the year, but it would be difficult to argue with the quality of racing. Derek Anderson continued with his ridiculous winning ways, running away with 8-8 moto wins: but he didn’t do it unchallenged as some Cody, Joey and Tanner made his life difficult all weekend. Mr Ryan Velasquez was making the KTM look buttery all weekend, claiming 100% of his entries across three classes. Although, the likes of TB, Trae and Aaden certainly are looking to make things interesting for the top spot. Cade and J.J. were busy ripping their 2-Strokes and snagging moto wins in the process. Colorado’s smallest shredders were out doing their shredding duties and showing awesome speed and talent. Hoepfully IMI can produce more good tracks like the one we had last weekend for the rest of the season, see y’all fellas at the Hood this weekend (barring inclimate weather, which doesn’t look promising.)