Floaters, Ruts and Homies

While the majority of the Colorado riders and pretty much the whole ElevatedMx Crew were out tearing it up at The Farm Sunday, a few weekend warriors and some pros (who really should have been racing) were all out rippin’ at the newly improved Jewell Motocross track. Jewell Motocross, also know as “Watkins” has seen some major improvements over the last year, all thanks to Shawn Gibson and his crew putting in the work to turn the track around. From the hundred-foot wide open tabletop named after the one they call Al, to the occasional hundred mile-an-hour wind gusts, Jewell Motocross has always been a fine piece of Colorado Motocross history!

2016041020160410 Watkins MX practice-2178
Trevor Whitmarsh #196

Although the ElevatedMx crew was elsewhere on Sunday, we fortunately had our buddy, and legendary Colorado photographer, Richard Caverly out grabbing all sorts of sick shots at Watkins on Sunday.  Check out some of the filthy bangers Richard sent us below, and when you’re ready to see some more fire shots, go check out the others on Richard’s website!

Cheers to Colorado rippers, wherever you decide to rip!

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