The Farm

This week, RMXA took us to Two Rivers Racing, a little farm right outside of Johnstown. There’s something about The Farm that channels the true essence of motocross. You hop off the fast paced interstate and descend down Main Street through Johnstown, where you get a sense of a slower pace of living. Then, you are greeted by a deteriorating mannequin on a retro bike to enter the track. It truly feels like the Delorean hit 88 miles per hour and you are hurled back in time. It’s called the Farm, because it’s legitimately farm. Tracks are marked by rotted tires and pallets, the aroma of manure fills the air, and the sight of the owner watering the track with an F-150 with one door is not uncommon. The track represents the roots of Motocross that led to what we know now. To top off this great atmosphere for amateur racing, the crew listened to everyone’s growing complaints of unsatisfactory track conditions and whipped up a deep rutted rough track perfect for race day. So we had the atmosphere, and the track, but did we have the talent? Of course, what else would you expect from Colorado? Cody Gray, Joey Olson, Derek Anderson, Tanner Wineland, Tyler Kuntz and many more came to display their immense amount of talent. Obviously the pro class was stacked, as per usual, but the Women’s and Supermini classes will also get well-deserved attention.

A’s (Fast Guys)(Whatever you wanna call them) 

As Derek Anderson rolls into the pits, everyone thinks, well who’s going to be second. And it’s with good reason, because the guy hauls mail. But in the first moto of the day, Joey Olson #589 became the third pro class winner of the year. After Derek Anderson got caught up in the start, Joey Olson showed impressive speed as he pulled from the group. Make no mistake though, Derek Anderson bobbed and weaved to give Joey and everyone a heart attack as the race came to the last corner, but in the end, the highest

Joey Olson #589
points of that moto were awarded to Joey Olson. The race was so close, our own Tyler J reported out the wrong results (day one stuff dude). Joey Olson had this to say about his weekend,” The track was epic! The crew over at The Farm had it in great shape all weekend. I felt a little more at home on the orange machine, I’m loving the switch!” After Joey Olson’s win in Open Pro/Non Pro, Derek returned to his reign of radness as he showcased his fluid style and went on to win seven out of eight motos. So yes, the

Tanner Wineland #10
number one spot was pretty much spoke for, there was still many other positions to fight for. Tanner Wineland enjoyed his first gate drop of the season and surprised us all with some impressive speed. Besides going down in the first moto of Open Pro/Non Pro, Tanner Wineland was able to earn himself three 2nd place finishes in 450 A and Open Pro/Non Pro. Tyler Kuntz also lined up for his first time of the season, and even though coming in cold managed an 8th in 450 A and a 4th in Open Pro/Non Pro. Let’s be honest though, every pro out there was railing.

Tyler Kuntz #927

Woman’s (Fast Girls):

Often in our sport, woman are pushed to the side as they have less professional funds than men, and they are typically given less coverage, but with pioneers like Ashley Fiolek and Vicki Golden paving the way for the amateurs, there is a need to report out

Lindsey Hafer #627
on their talent they show week in and week out. This week a new competitor came to the races and ran away with a 1-1 in Women’s A. Lindsey Hafer of Cheyenne, Wyoming showed her raw talent and skill as she pulled from Melissa Brauch and B rider Tawny Reinhard. Speaking of Tawny Reinhard, the 18 year-old 2 stroke ripper shows very promising speed as keeps up with the A riders. Maybe it’s time she moves on, but until then, we will enjoy the yellow plates on that blue bike. We got a chance to catch up with her and gain some insights of what she thought of the track, “It was fun! The track got pretty hagged-out and rough but made for awesome track time. There were a few gnarly crashes but I’m glad we all mostly went home safe.” Very well said Tawny. Another girl on the rise, Hannah Dodges, seems to be looking to dominate Women’s C. I just hope we begin to see more young women joining our sport to create even more competition for the ladies.

Tawny Reinhard #320

Supermini (Fast Youngsters)

Time and time again, the Supermini class has been the most important class of a young racer’s life. Prospects such as Eli Tomac, Adam Cianciarulo, Ricky Carmichael entered the Supermini class as promising young racers and left it as next in line for the throne. Nothing is different for our local supermini kids. On the track, they push their bikes, themselves and each other unaware that they are likely to be the future

Taylor Long #33
elite of racing. Young racers such as Tyler Long, Jack Pederson, Kaleb Hale and Cameron Harris all make me uncomfortable, as their speed and confidence surpasses my own. To be honest, there’s nothing more embarrassing as being railed by an 85 or Supermini, but it seems to happen more and more frequently as these little groms keep gaining speed. As far as results go, the race was a shut case. Tyler Long went 1-1 for the overall. Jack Pederson went 2-2 for 2nd overall, and Cameron Harris went 3-3 for 3rd overall. Say what you want about these 2-stroke assassins, but they are consistent.

Kaleb Hale #15

Wrap Up:

Two Rivers Racing is a slice of Americana. It digs deep to the root of motocross and brings out the true racer in all of us. You can feel the heritage as you walk through the pits, you can feel the presence of retro bikes railing on the manure that was previously there. You can feel the atmosphere that is perfect for a round of RMXA racing. The crew lived up to the hype of the venue, or proved naysayers wrong and delivered us quite the stage for the fastest of Colorado to battle it out over the course of a Lazy Sunday. To everyone in the pits giving us love, thank you so much! To the entire crew out at Two Rivers Racing, thank you so much! To everyone railing thank you so much! And to everyone reading at home, thank you so much! Now, enjoy the banger-filled gallery below.