Kasen’s Kut | Wildrat

As another weekend approached, the Elevated Mx crew loaded up and headed south to WildRat Raceway.  Whether you were a fan of the conditions or felt they were less than satisfactory, you can’t say the racing wasn’t spectacular.  Obviously, the pro class took the spotlight as it does most weekends, as it should. I know I’ve said this a lot and I’m gonna say it again, the pro class was stacked.  So when Tyler J gave me the assignment of the pro class, I became giddy like a kid going to the candy store.

Before I go into this long rant of how fast the pros are: I want to preface it by saying, I’ve been filming/photographing motocross for about a year and a half now. By far the most important lesson I’ve learned is the faster the rider, the easier my job is.  So as I ran around the track chasing Mitchell Gifford, Derek Anderson, Cody Gray, Joey Olson, Connor Olson, and many more, I realized how easy it is for this gallery to be stacked with bangers.  So to everyone in the pro class, thank you for being so fast, scrubbing so hard, whipping so fat and, most importantly, for blessing mine and everyone’s retinas with the most pure display of (excuse my french) bad-assery on the planet.


Here’s the thing though, I know we all love the pro class and it attracts the biggest crowd every week, but the class that attracts the second biggest crowd, is the Novice Class.  And yes, the crowd is not full of strangers wanting to catch a glimpse of raw speed, but it’s a crowd of families and friends supporting their loved ones in what they love to do.  Honestly, that’s almost more admirable than the reason a crowd emerges for the pros.  After all, we forget every pro, from Derek Anderson to Ryan Dungey was a novice at some point.  I mean sure they were probably 6 or 8 years old but nonetheless, no one starts in the A class.  So here’s to you C Class rippas, you guys are always the biggest gate at the races, you guys make up the bulk of the RMXA and allow the series continue.  But on a side note, can we quit all the sketchy stuff? I’m gonna start racing again soon, and some of y’all are crazy.

So to put a wrap up on my Sunday at WildRat Raceway, it was another weekend in a hot dusty paradise.  The racers were railing, the sun was shining, and the good times were rolling.  To all those who got hurt, we, at Elevated Mx, hope to see you back at the track soon. And to everyone who didn’t, we hope you stay safe.  See you guys at The Farm for another great weekend of racing in Colorado.