Kasen’s Kut | RMXA Season Opener

This was it.  The moment we had all been waiting for since the last RMXA season ended.  Mother nature greeted the highly anticipated event with wind, because any Colorado race would not be complete without an outlandish weather event.  Nevertheless the racers, spectators, and myslef  braved the conditions and enjoyed a spectacular day of racing.  

Once again the pits piled up, the harmonious symphony of bikes racing filled the air, and the gate dropped to put Colorado’s best to the test.  There were many returning favorites such as Derek Anderson, Trevor Whitmarsh, Connor Olson, Joey Olson, and any more, as well as many new faces.  No matter what way you spin it though, this years classes are stacked.  As I filmed the race, I realized the next 20 rounds of racing will be some of the greatest races I will watch. I hope you enjoy and please spread the video.