Who We Are & What We’re About

Mission Statement

We are a collective of motocross enthusiasts who want to disrupt the scene of motocross media. Our purpose is simple, create motocross content that is far from the norm but close to the core.


In the Winter of 2015, Tyler Johnson had been shooting motocross for several years and decided that he wanted to start his own site. Elevated Mx was originally created to be a work-sharing platform for the plethora of photographers and videographers in the Rocky Mountain region. 2016 was a year in which Elevated slowly began its transformation from a local work-sharing space, to a national motocross media site. As the team’s goals started to morph, and aspirations started to grow, we culminated on a common theme: create motocross content that the community has been itching for. 2017 should be a year where Elevated Mx begins to garner more regional and national attention, as we aim to take over the media sites of yesteryear.

Our Team

Tyler Johnson

Founder, Director of Photography

Tyler Johnson is the creator & co-founder of Elevated Mx. After years of shooting Pro & Amateur Motocross, he took it upon himself to strike out on his own and build his own motocross media site. Tyler has had his work featured among some of the most recognizable brands and sites in the world of motocross. Along with being the co-founder of our totally dope brand, he is the director of photography: which pretty much means that he makes sure the talent is on-point, along with the work.

Erin Malcolm

Journalist / Photographer

Erin is a journalist and photographer at Elevated MX. When a chronic injury cut Erin’s amateur motocross racing years short, she faced the challenge of finding a way to stay involved in the moto community without actually lining up on the gate herself. The solution? Combine her lifelong experience in the world of all things dirt bikes with her extensive writing, editing, and photography skills. Whether it’s motocross, supercross, arenacross, or anything else on two wheels, she’s here for the long haul to help create the local and national moto content we all crave! 

Zac Meier

Photographer / Videographer

Zac Meier is a videographer and photographer at Elevated MX. You can call him Zac, but most know him by Static. After riding and racing for a couple of years, he began casually taking photos of dirt bikes, which quickly escalated to investing in thousands of dollars worth of camera gear and countless hours of shooting and editing. He is a true two-wheel enthusiast with creative abilities so vast it’s hard to wrap your head around. Those qualities combined help him to fulfill his calling here at Elevated MX and in life: to capture our favorite two-wheeled moments in a way that makes them nothing less than unforgettable.