By all accounts, 2020 was shaping up to be an awesome year for a lot of us. RMRA running their second season, supercross setting up to be one of the most wild and entertaining 450 championships in recent years. That is until, the Rona reared its heinous face and uprooted (almost) all of the things we love. Live sports, restaurants, bars, arcades: all friggin’ closed. RMRA season: postponed.  So there we sat, in deafening disbelief, wondering what the hell just happened. And for awhile, American life as we knew it was gone. A year with so much promise and so much to look forward to, erased at the drop of a hat.

Eventually things began to snap back to normal, but with all that time working from home, it really left us feelin’ sentimental. Cause when things hit the fan, and I mean really hit the fan, like they did this year, you start to understand what’s really important. And as much as we love things like supercross and Applebees, the reason why we love those things is because of the people we break bread with. Ya know, the folks we argue Ricky vs. Bubba with. It’s sometimes easy and natural to forget why we love doing the things we do. For me, when I think back on anything that was ever significant to me, its reasons for standing out weren’t because of what I was doing. But rather because of the people that I was with and the fact we got to do it together.

And the crazy thing is, the reason why all of this lockdown mumbo jumbo sucks so heavily, isn’t because we can’t go do a bunch of shit we like doing, but really cause those were the times that we got to hang with the people we love. Cause yeah, I love rippin’ sake bombs and chowin’ raw fish as much as the next millennial, but I love seeing the smiles on my family and friends’ faces much more than I like Japanese restaurants. And I love going to big amateur nationals and racing my dirtbike, but I love the roadtrips and all the misadventure that comes with the trip miles more. Hell, even winning a title doesn’t mean a gotdamn thing if the people that matter aren’t there to cherish it with you.

Racing dirtbikes and all of our extra-curriculars are fun but they aren’t worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin’ it on, if you don’t have the communities you love to share all the ups and downs with. I guess the point in us hopping on our soapbox and writing out the script to a Hallmark movie was to put in perspective all the awesome shit we have to be grateful for, even in a year of general shenanigans and crummy luck. Time to go back to the fundamentals.

Also, Mookie 2021, Supercross champ. Heard it here first.