Standouts: Sweney Cycle Park

Colorado motocross hit a new level of insanity this past weekend at the third round of the RMRA Showdown Series at Sweney Cycle Park. The day was an absolute whirlwind with all of the unexpected challenges that were blown our way — yet everybody from the underdogs to the front-runners still brought their A-game regardless. Of course, some brought more of it than others… and some even brought enough of it to earn a spot on our Standouts list this week. Time for some well-deserved introductions.

Logan Lessar

This young ripper has been one to watch since he was a wee little guy on 50s, and his potential, grit, and talent has only intensified since! This weekend, that statement rang true as ever. Lessar showed off some serious skill every time he took to the track, but his performance in the Schoolboy 1 (12-16) class was particularly impressive. Despite being at a significant disadvantage racing his supermini in a class predominantly monopolized by 125s, he was still up there bangin’ bars in the front of the pack all day long!

Jeremiah Willoughby

Much like Lessar, Willoughby also rolled up to the gate with a point to prove this weekend. He was in the top mix all day, too, and made his statement in the Supermini (12-16) class where he came out swingin’ on his stock 85cc. He walked away with an unquestionable W in moto two that had us all standing on the sidelines with our jaws wide open in awe. We can’t wait to witness what else this talented up-and-comer has up his sleeve for the rest of the season!

Robert Fitch

We love a good comeback story here at Elevated and this long-time Colorado pro rider came back with a vengeance on Monday. Prior to the Showdown, Fitch had been on a year long motocross hiatus as a result of injury. With the way he performed all weekend, though, you never would have guessed it. The #124 machine found himself in the front of the pack on several different occasions throughout the day, winning the 30+ A class and earning a 2nd overall in the 450 A class. We’re blown away (but not surprised) by the amount of pressure that this guy still throws at the young whippersnappers in the pro classes these days, especially after being off the bike for a year! Good to have ya back, Bobby.

Hannah Jamison

This sport needs all the girl-power it can get, so thankfully Hannah Jamison made an appearance in Brush to give the Colorado motocross community its weekly dosage of female badassery. This youngster is going to change the face of women’s motocross someday, we’re calling it now. She hasn’t even hit double digits yet, but already has more talent and fearlessness than some of us will ever have. She showed the boys what’s up in both the 50cc 7-8 Limited class where she finished with a solid 5th overall and the 50cc 4-8 Open class where she battled her way to an impressive top three finish in moto one and top 10 finish in moto two, even after crashing in the midst of some less than ideal track conditions once the weather hit.

The process of selecting only a handful of riders to feature in this piece was such a difficult task that I should probably earn a spot on this list of Standouts just for doing so. Although, I suppose having too many insanely talented riders to sift through at Sweney Cycle Park this weekend was a pretty good problem to have, eh? We’re all very fortunate to be part of such a rad community of bar-bangin’, gate-droppin’, dirt-lovin’ people! The excitement is already building to find out who will bring what it takes to Standout next time! Til then, y’all. Good luck!