StandOuts | Pawnee Cycle Club

Exceptional Performances from Round 5 of the 2016 RMXA D-25 Series

Elevated MX is doing our best at bringing fresh lineups of content on a regular basis. This week, we bring you the second installment of our newest piece , StandOuts. We will feature 5 dudes/ladies from 5 separate classes that we believe really set themselves apart on the weekend. Now, it would be super easy to go with Derek, Jeremy, Brody and a few of the other regular rippas. But what’s the fun in talking about the same dude every weekend? Instead of focusing on consistent frontrunners, we want to give some love to the dudes/ladies who are showing improvement, and in that regard, standing out. So before we bore you to death with the epic detail of this piece, here are the 5 shreddas who stood out, in our eyes, this past weekend at Pawnee Cycle Club.


Tyler Kuntz #927 and A Swarm of Dudes Behind Him

As Jeff Emig would remind all of us before the start of a supercross main event, the keys to a good race are 1. Get a good start 2. Go fast and  3. Don’t crash. It seems our pro class standout, Tyler Kuntz, applied all those keys Sunday. As he pulled the holeshot every moto, hauled ass and kept it on two wheels all day long. With his best finish of the season in the Open Pro class, Tyler found himself battling with Colorado’s biggest names and earning himself a third overall for the day. Good work Tyler, we hope to see you carry that momentum into this weekend at Thunder Valley!


Collegeboy (16-24)

Devon Colegate #650 & Devin McGinley #100

If you didn’t get the chance to watch the racing  between Devin McGinley and Devon Colegate in the College boy (16-24) class, you missed one helluva battle. Both riders gave it everything they had and battled hard both motos, checking out from the rest of the field, swapping positions each race. With the impressive speed shown by both riders, it was no easy task picking a standout in this class, and to add to it, both dudes earned their best finishes of the year. Although Devin McGinley was definitely railing, Devon Colegate pulled the holeshot both motos and lead the entire second moto, taking home the overall, so we have to give the nod to him. For Devon, winning the overall was no easy task with the other Devin on his tail, but he got it done. Looks like making the switch from Kawasaki to Yamaha was a good move on his part. Good job dude, we hope to see you battling at some other RMXA rounds before the season ends!


Dylan Paris #92

Our next StandOut from Round 5 is the young stud, Dylan Paris. After suffering a wrist injury earlier in the year on his 50, Dylan made the decision to make the leap and battle with the big boys in the 65cc class. He seems to be doing pretty damn well so far.  The switch to a bigger/faster bike can be an intimidating one, but Dylan seems to be adjusting nicely as he’s improving each and every time he hops on the bike. Pulling holeshots, and finishing in the top ten in the talent-filled Open 65cc class, we’d say Dylan killed it at Sterling. As Dylan gets more experience on the the big bike, we’re predicting we’ll see him at the front of the pack in no time. Stellar performance from the young fella, keep up the hard work dude!


Preston Taylor #96

Nebraska native, Preston Taylor, was on rails last weekend and definitely deserves to be considered as one of the 5 StandOuts from Pawnee Cycle Club. Showing up to race the RMXA series for the first time this year, Preston found himself at the front of the pack all day at Sterling, winning every class he signed up in, with the most impressive win coming in moto one of the 450 B class. The last time Preston logged any results in RMXA competition was over two years ago in the 85 class. Fast forward two years, and we see a dude who apparently hasn’t fallen off much. Despite racing in smaller classes (not by choice), he showed there wasn’t much rust to be found. Hopefully there isn’t another two year intermission for this kid from the RMXA, cause he can certainly lay it down.

50’s (4-6)

The oldest kids in this class are barely in grade school, but they have balls the size of grown men. Seriously, it’s amazing what they’re able to do on these little bikes. Cole Blecha hasn’t been what you would consider a regular in RMXA competition this season, but the races he has shown up to, he has impressed. Cole has won every single moto in the 50 (4-6) Class that he has competed in: Ken Roczen, anyone? And he has had some impressive results in the big boy class, finishing in the top 5 on multiple occasions. Keep your eyes out for this youngster from some random town in Colorado that you’ve probably never heard of, because he’s got some talent.

Cole Blecha #525



Man oh man, the more that the days of summer start to wind down, the more crushing the reality of Winter and no local racing is starting to become. Sure, the Pro Supercross season kicks back up in about 4 months, but outside of some Winter Combat races, we will be yearning for those local races for quite some time. But, no reason to end this on a depressing note, as we still have some great racing left on the docket. Up next, we head to the Penrose Supercross for SRAC on Saturday and then travel to Lakewood for RMXA on Sunday. See y’all rippas out there!

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