Salute to Shorty | One Helluva Career

  20-some years ago, a young star was on the rise in Colorado. Amidst the fury of stiff competition that was offered all the way back then, he was able to overcome monumental challenges to achieve what few Colorado-based riders had done before; he landed a factory ride. For as long as we can remember, it has been nothing but Florida, California, Texas and other moto hotbeds that produced the bulk of top factory dudes.  His road to Motocross supremacy wasRead more

A Letter To Jessy

The memories of that fateful day when one abnormal crash changed my life forever are imprinted on my mind like the bible. Being rushed to the hospital, my girlfriend in the front seat,  sobbing, the mass amount of interns surrounding me when I was thrust into the ER from the ambulance. In the following days, much talk surrounded what the next plan of action was. Do we wait to do the surgery at a different hospital? Will Craig admit meRead more