Floaters, Ruts and Homies

While the majority of the Colorado riders and pretty much the whole ElevatedMx Crew were out tearing it up at The Farm Sunday, a few weekend warriors and some pros (who really should have been racing) were all out rippin’ at the newly improved Jewell Motocross track. Jewell Motocross, also know as “Watkins” has seen some major improvements over the last year, all thanks to Shawn Gibson and his crew putting in the work to turn the track around. From the hundred-foot wide open tabletopRead more

The Farm

This week, RMXA took us to Two Rivers Racing, a little farm right outside of Johnstown. There’s something about The Farm that channels the true essence of motocross. You hop off the fast paced interstate and descend down Main Street through Johnstown, where you get a sense of a slower pace of living. Then, you are greeted by a deteriorating mannequin on a retro bike to enter the track. It truly feels like the Delorean hit 88 miles per hourRead more

Rippin’ It Old School

While several of the devout motocross guys, myself included, spent their weekends out in the dust at WildRat: others ventured out to Lakewood to give some antique dirtbikes all they could handle. Just as with pretty much every other piece of technology, dirtbikes have seen a vast transformation over just the past 15 years, much less the past 40. Many of the bikes that could be seen out at the track on Sunday were at least 30-40 years old. WhatRead more

Kasen’s Kut | Wildrat

As another weekend approached, the Elevated Mx crew loaded up and headed south to WildRat Raceway.  Whether you were a fan of the conditions or felt they were less than satisfactory, you can’t say the racing wasn’t spectacular.  Obviously, the pro class took the spotlight as it does most weekends, as it should. I know I’ve said this a lot and I’m gonna say it again, the pro class was stacked.  So when Tyler J gave me the assignment ofRead more