Kasen’s Kut | RMXA Season Opener

This was it.  The moment we had all been waiting for since the last RMXA season ended.  Mother nature greeted the highly anticipated event with wind, because any Colorado race would not be complete without an outlandish weather event.  Nevertheless the racers, spectators, and myslef  braved the conditions and enjoyed a spectacular day of racing.   Once again the pits piled up, the harmonious symphony of bikes racing filled the air, and the gate dropped to put Colorado’s best toRead more

Brush; Colorado Motocross at Its Finest

Just about 90 miles east of Denver, in an area so rural and desolate, you could easily confuse it for Nebraska, lies a staple within the Colorado motocross scene: Sweney Cycle Park. The track was opened by the Sweney Family back in 1998, referred to by many in the community simply as “Brush”, after the town where it’s located. Its location is a paradox in some ways; this small town, with very little entertainment to offer otherwise, is the homeRead more